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Recon Rangers (Guild)
GuildLogo-Recon Rangers (Guild).png

Till the bitter end.

Guild Founder: Carnatux
Approx. Population: 95
Guild Master(s):
Guild Officer(s):
  • Burnac
  • Yokai-Kat
  • Sandslinger

The Recon Rangers is an elite team tasked with recovering intelligence from some of the most dangerous levels in the Clockworks. Desna is the leader of the Recon Rangers in lore. Carnatux takes the helm of this Guild.

Guild Rules

  • Always be courteous to fellow guild members. Share this respect to the general player based.
  • Do not take excessive resources out of guild storage / energy wells.
  • Sometimes people like to roleplay. You do not have to play along, but do not discourage the act.
    • There are some silly in-combat roleplay actions such as "scouting." You can learn about that from someone who knows it if you are interested.
  • The Autogun is standard issue. Recruits are entitled to one free Autogun from a leader.

A warning will be given if you display poor behavior. Big issues will have you removed from the guild.

Guild Ranks

  • Recruit: Potential recruits should be paired with a leader to make acquaintanceship. An invite will be given if the player has social maturity and plans to be active.
    • The individual leader may invite someone who meets expectations.
  • Member: Be in the guild until the recruitment date is off of the guild record (10 days). After this period, at least two guild leaders must refer for your promotion.
    • Referral will be based on how trustworthy and active the recruit has been so far.
  • Veteran: Become a well known member within our community while displaying superb attitude. Two leaders must once again put in referral for promotion.
    • Veteran is earned based on the Ranger's loyalty, time, and contribution to the guild.
  • Officer: Will be issued to very trustworthy veterans as needed. Officers are expected to discuss guild activity and modifications, as well as lead the guild while Guild Masters are away. Please do not ask for this role, we will come to you if we feel you are fit for the task.
  • Guild Master: Special rank for certain people. This will be granted to Officers as needed.

Guild Creed

ReconRangers Creed.png

We are the Recon Rangers

We go where others cannot, do what no one else can

We have gazed into the abyss, and it has gazed into us

We have faced the darkest depths of the clockworks, we have confronted the terrors within

We are the things that go bump in the night

When our enemies lurk in the shadows, we charge in after them

We are the Rangers

We are the best of the Spiral Order

And we shall know no fear


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