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We are here to help you

Guild Founder: Golden-Crusaderr
Approx. Population: 33

Redcross has been around for over a decade we are a little guild Here at Redcross we are looking for fun active players We do have a few simple rules here |1 No begging |2 lets try to keep it clean |3 promotions are based on merit how much you help the guild and your fellow guild mates

Our Guildmaster's are Golden-Crusaderr,Devilance,Fallencap,Legendproz,and Purple-Queen

Officers = ,Dolomitex,Thalecross,Tigertigert,Appleminer,Captain-Red-Fire

Everyone gets promoted to member after one week Veterans are promoted after they become a Vanguard Officers which there will be a total of 7 is based on merit So if you feel like this might be the place for you let us know

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