Release Notes 2010-12-10

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From the Release Notes:

Some big changes to shops are included in today's release as well as a new addition to the Coliseum:

  • The Haven Bazaar's merchants now have a random stock of goods that changes every day and is unique to each player. Check in every day for rare items just for you!
  • A new merchant, the Spiral Quartermaster is located in the southwest end of the Haven Bazaar. The Spiral QM reliably sells special Spiral gear, weapons and recipes with 'average' stats that allow you to be competitive in each tier. The Spiral QM will become much more prominent in the future as we direct your experience more towards acquiring the right gear to compete in each tier.
  • Coliseum events now reward the weekly top player (as seen from the leaderboards) a special costume reward. For Super Brawl, it is a fantastic golden crown! The winner is chosen Mondays at midnight PST (i.e. late Sunday night). The reward costume expires after 7 days, when a new winner is chosen.
  • Firestorm Citadel has new content in its levels. Look out for terrible siege wheels that will flatten you if you're not careful! More developments on these levels will be coming soon. Use the balls of water to extinguish the columns of shadow fire!
  • 5 Star items are finally here! You can find recipes to build them from traveling merchants deep within the Clockworks or as rare 'drops' in your daily recipe stock from the Haven recipe vendor.
  • Traveling merchants in Clockwork Terminals have many new recipes that can show up.
  • Elevators now have handy buttons allowing you to return to Haven at any time and cash out your heat or continue down into the depths of the Clockworks. Parties can now split up at any time, allowing players to end their experience when they please.
  • Various recipe related bug fixes

Coming soon (not in this release):

We're working on some neat new features that will better direct players to the content that's appropriate for their gear as well as making some changes to sub-towns that will turn Haven back into the home base of all players. We will also be updating trinkets and added new ones. Stay tuned and thanks for playing!

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