Release Notes 2011-03-02

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From the Release Notes:

We will be doing a release tonight that includes the following:

Monsters are now weak, neutral to and highly resistant to one of each of the special damage types. You should see much better damage output against the neutral defense than before.

  • Higher tier items in lower tiers will always perform a little better than tier appropriate items.
  • Shields can no longer block status damage as it happens. For example, if you are on fire, blocking with your shield will not block the damage you receive from the fire.
  • Fixed dual damage type damage imbalance.
  • Shields are now more resistant to status-based damage. Use those shields!
  • Characters will now receive emails from Spiral HQ as they progress through the game. Currently this can be seen upon arriving to the Rescue Camp, Haven Tier 2 and 3 for the first time. In some cases, a new 'mist tank' is awarded that refills your mist meter.
  • Phantoms now stalk the graveyards! Graveyards are now finally the scary, terrible place they were always intended to be, with phantoms stalking players over time. Phantoms act like players in their attack style, can travel through walls, across chasms and can never truly die. They are bad news.
  • You can now change your equipment at clockwork terminals.
  • As always, lots of bugs were squashed.

Let us know what you think in the forums!

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