Release Notes 2011-06-13

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From the Release Notes:

A bugfix release will go out today that mostly includes behind the scenes stuff but also includes additional gameplay bugfixes and a new feature:

Energy Packages

  • A new Party Pack is available for purchase if you have never purchased the Starter Pack. The Party Pack is a Starter Pack for you as well as three additional Starter Packs to gift to your friends. The Party Pack costs $59.95, making it a 'buy 3 get 1 free' deal for Starter Packs.
  • A new Gift tab is available from the Spiral Uplink interface if you are in possession of any Starter Packs to gift.
  • Purchasing a Starter Pack, Party Pack or accepting a Starter Pack gift removes your option of purchasing either the Starter Pack or the Party Pack. Essentially, you may only gain the benefits of a Starter Pack once.


  • Fixed an issue allowing jelly cubes and lichens to send their ground spikes across chasms and under blocks. Now if they cannot 'reach' you, they cannot hurt you.
  • Fixed an issue causing rockets, flamethrowers and other bullets to change elevation across chasms.
  • Fixed an issue with awarding the "Dauntless Delver" and "Cradle and All" achievements after parties were split.
  • Fixed the Static Flash tooltip incorrectly stating that the bomb dealt the Freeze status effect.
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