Release Notes 2011-06-22

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New Monsters Draw Near!

From the Release Notes:

A bugfix release will go out today that includes the following:


  • Added in a failsafe for stuck or bypassed Rescue Camp objectives. Head out the front gates of Haven just South of the town square fountain to trigger the next objective if you are in haven and your current objective is 'Cross the Chasm to Haven' or 'Explore the Rescue Camp.'


  • Concrete Jungle levels will no longer appear at Tier 1.
  • Added new Scarlet Fortress level: Grim Gallery.
  • Bramble thinned out in Concrete Jungle Totem Trouble 2.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an inaccessible floating island to appear in the Clockworks


  • If choosing to start at tier 2 or 3, you should no longer be matched with a party that has just completed the previous tier.


  • A warning now appears in the exchange interface when the Steam overlay is disabled, and the checkout button is disabled.


  • Fixed issue that caused system-wide slowdown at around 5 AM PDT.
  • Fixed an issue that caused new players to be unable to enter Rescue Camp/appear with white armor.


  • Fixed issue that caused fire based attacks to spread over large areas.
  • Status slimes can now have their alt-forms triggered by status traps.

Lastly, we realize some of you are still experiencing connection issues. We would like to let you know we are actively looking in to these issues and will hope to have a fix as soon as it's available. Thank you.

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