Release Notes 2011-08-22

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From the Release Notes:

An update will be released today that includes new monsters a couple new features:

The Polyp and the Howlitzer
Two new types of turrets can now be found within the Clockworks: the polyp and the howlitzer.

The polyp is a slime turret that fires piercing barbs and can see in all directions. The howlitzer is an undead turret that fires shadow bullets and will attempt to make a last ditch strike at Knights with its missile-like skull. Watch out!

Both of these monster types have complete status variants:

Slick Polyp
Polar Polyp
Silver Polyp
Caustic Polyp

Smoking Howlitzer
Chilling Howlitzer
Shocking Howlitzer
Vile Howlitzer

Code Redemption Interface
Codes can now be redeemed from the main menu by selecting 'Redeem Code.' Codes will be used in the future to redeem special prizes.

Blast Network
Hazard rooms are back! Several levels now have rockets and spike traps that cause a stun status effect instead of damage.

There is a new arsenal group for costume-only items, both helmet and armor

Guest Login
New players can now try Spiral Knights without needing to create an account. In order to keep the Knight created as a guest, a player must create an account when logging off.

Bug Fixes
Coliseum delay messages will be correctly translated now.

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