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Clockworks Expansion

From the Release Notes:

Candlestick Keep

A new Undead level series has appeared within the Clockworks- the Candlestick Keep. These haunted grounds are all that remains of the once prosperous Owlite Academy. Though now overtaken by Spookats and other undead horrors, Knights will find Owlite ward candles scattered about the Keep that will save them from what lurks in the dark.

  • Grimalkins are giant, shadowy spookats completely immune to damage. They lurk in the dark so stay in the light to avoid their attacks... they cannot be blocked with a shield!
  • The light of any ward candle will protect you from grimalkins.
  • Blue ward candles will always be lit.
  • Orange ward candles must be lit with embers and will only stay lit for a short period of time.
  • Some orange ward candles open doors when lit, listen for a chime!

New Danger Rooms

Deadly new danger rooms have been added to the Clockworks! Be warned, these new challenges are not for the faint of heart!

Revamped Crash Site

The Crash Site has been streamlined and tightened up significantly. New players will be able to join their fellow knights in the Rescue Camp in no time!


  • Crowns/Heat now have a 90 second lifespan

Krogmo Coin Rewards

  • Mod Calibrators have increased from 50 to 75 Krogmo Coins.

Punch's Variant Forge

  • 1 Variant Tickets have increased from 15,000 to 20,000 crowns
  • 3 Variant Tickets have greatly decreased from 375,000 to 225,000 crowns


  • Recipe tooltips will show proper lock on acquire state for 4/5 star recipes
  • Tooltips for goods in the cart will show proper lock on acquire state for token vendors
  • Fixed issues where monsters of the wrong family or status type would spawn in some levels
From the Release Notes:


  • Fixed a respawn pad bug in Scarlet Fortress Spiral Court 2 and Grim Gallery.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to pick up a mineral of the same size/type you are currently holding would cause the mineral to disappear.

Steam Trading

  • Fixed icons for Mist Tanks in Steam inventory interface.


  • Fixed joining guild teams.
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