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From the Release Notes:


Winter has come to Cradle and all of Haven is covered in a soft blanket of snow. Snipes and monsters alike are in the holiday spirit and the Haven Arcade is being visited by Impostoclaus!

  • A new Lockdown level, Frostbite is now available. Frostbite features snowballs that you can throw at your opponents and turn them into snowmen!
  • Until January 9th, you can use Krogmo Coins to purchase Santy Hats from Sullivan in the Haven Arcade.
  • All Santy Hats expire on January 23, 2012

Event Hub

  • A new interface called the Event Hub has been added to your HUD.
  • The Event Hub keeps you informed of past events, accomplishments, etc of your friends and guildmates.
  • Includes a running high-score for the most amount of levels played, Coliseum matches played, and crowns acquired in the Clockworks.
  • Provides you with a quick list of events that you can join instantly, such as friend and guildmate expeditions and Coliseum games.

Heat Amplifiers

  • Heat Amplifiers have been greatly improved to grant double heat to the user when activated!
  • Heat Amplifiers are now available from Boost in 2 day, 7 day and 30 day amounts.

European Servers

  • New servers have been added to reduce latency for European players.
  • When you join a pick up game or enter a town, you will be matched with other players in your region.
  • By default, your region will be automatically determined based on your IP.
  • If you wish to manually configure your preferred region, you may do so via the Option menu (in the General section, under Region).
  • Your knights, items, friends, guild mates, etc., will remain unchanged.
  • Please note that joining your friends' parties or town instances may result in increased latency, as your client may be forced to connect to a remote region.

Scenario Rooms

  • Special rooms have been added to the Clockworks that offer a little story and atmosphere, hints of a larger story, or a special bonus to those that discover them.
  • Some Scenario Rooms are rarer than others. Discover them all\!


  • Personal colors can be previewed in shops and the Auction House.
  • Added mini "exchange" buttons to shops and other various interfaces.


  • 'Enamorock' added to Sullivan's item list
  • Heart Pendant, Dual Heart Pendant, Tri-Heart Pendant, Tetra-Heart Pendant and Penta-Heart Pendant added to Krogmo's Alchemy Machine


  • Lavender Personal Color is now available from Vatel
  • Push-to-talk button is now configurable (under "Talk (Voice Chat)")
  • Fixed a bug in which a snipe was disappearing into a seat.
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