Release Notes 2011-12-19

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From the Release Notes:

Drone Monsters

  • A new class of monsters called 'drones' have been added to the Clockworks
  • Drones are not part of any monster family
  • A drone is completely immune to damage unless it stops and exposes its weak point
  • A golden drone will never stop and is completely immune to damage
  • There are two types of drones: 'shankles' that deal damage and 'wisps' that cause status conditions

Here are the official names for all drones:

  • Shankle
  • Sharp Shankle
  • Sage Shankle
  • Dark Shankle
  • Golden Shankle
  • Golden Sharp Shankle
  • Golden Sage Shankle
  • Golden Dark Shankle
  • Volcanic Wisp
  • Winter Wisp
  • Storm Wisp
  • Bog Wisp
  • Golden Volcanic Wisp
  • Golden Winter Wisp
  • Golden Storm Wisp
  • Golden Bog Wisp


  • Prevented teammates locking you inside the treasure closets on Scarlet Fortress Cravat Hall II
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