Release Notes 2012-01-04

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From the Release Notes:

Winterfest has ended and Impostoclaus has left Haven for another year, but the cold weather will remain in Haven for just a little while longer.

  • All drone health has been reduced
  • Almost all monsters have had their delay increased between spawning and attacking (including retrodes!)
  • Wolvers, retrodes, and zombies will no longer follow their target once they commit to an attack
  • Retrode and zombie melee attack has been slowed down and damage area decreased
  • Fixed an area where players could get trapped in the IMF Warfare Workshop
  • Advanced video options now include ability to adjust anti-aliasing level (takes effect on restart)
  • Circuit Breaker Armor is now weak to fire and freeze
  • Bomb fuse graphic has been filled in to make it easier to read
  • Charge attacks for the elemental brandish lines (and those shadow ones too) had been rebuilt for a more reliable damage area
  • Fixed issue with lichens inflicting damage before playing their animation
  • Fixed issue that was preventing gremlin thwackers from telegraphing their charge attack
  • Gremlin dodge cooldown increased from 1 second to 4 seconds
  • Gremlin menders have been scolded once again for harming others
  • Wolvers should no longer block movement while underground
  • Removed combo breaker escape action from T3 wolvers
  • Slowed down the explosion delay on the retrodes beam attack and reduced the damage radius
  • Greavers will no longer inflict status ailments through barriers
  • Jelly cube spires will terminate if they are interrupted by the death of their source
  • Slag Guard charge attack no longer cause damage in all directions on collision
  • Volcanic Long Feather will no longer apply as the Toasty Long Feather
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