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From the Release Notes:

Today's patch features the official release of Missions! This patch includes Rank Missions through Rank 6-2. More exciting missions will be released in the future!

Mission Overview

Missions provide players with a a structure for navigating the world of Spiral Knights. Each mission features a reward that is guaranteed with completion in addition to the rewards acquired during the mission itself.

Missions range from simple tasks like speaking with an NPC to going on an a major expedition within the Clockworks. One of the key features of missions is that everything is managed within the mission interface. You will never find yourself searching a town for NPCs or left to wonder what to do next. When you’re looking for action, simply open up the mission interface and away you go!

Additionally, the Character Select interface now includes the ‘Ready Room.’ The Ready Room is where your knight chooses where to go after selection. You can chat with friends and guildmates, check out your Social Panel and Event Hub, head in to town or go directly on a mission.

Ready Room Preview

There are four types of missions: Rank, Prestige, Expansion and Arcade.

Rank Missions

Rank Missions serve the main campaign of Spiral Knights. Comprised of over 80 missions, Rank Missions will allow a player to rise in the ranks of the Spiral Knights. Starting as a lowly Recruit, knights can ultimately achieve the mighty rank of Vanguard.

Rank Missions also feature a new way of acquiring the recipes that you need. In each Rank Mission lobby you will find Basil selling a set selection of recipes that are geared toward the mission you are about to face. Additionally, Rank Missions have you regularly visiting the ‘Hall of Heroes’ where players can see veteran knight loadouts and purchase their recipes for their gear. The Hall of Heroes also serves as a stage for certification, requiring players have a loadout of a set star level to advance, much like the Spiral Warden’s requirements in subtowns.

Any knight that had a particular Tier Clearance prior to this patch will still be able to access the appropriate Tier in the Clockworks. Knights without Tier 2 and 3 Clearance prior to this patch must complete Rank Missions in order to gain clearance.

Prestige Missions

Prestige Missions are offered to you daily and can only be completed once a day. These missions reward you with ‘prestige’ which acts as a running score attached to your knight. Knights with high prestige will earn a special bonus in the future.

Expansion Missions

Expansion Missions are bonus missions that can be unlocked with purchase. Expansion Missions, like Rank Missions, feature set rewards and can be played as often as you like once unlocked. Some expansion missions are a ‘pack’ of missions and provide you with a version for different tiers that feature unique rewards. Our first Expansion Mission pack, 'Operation: Crimson Hammer,' will be released in the near future.

Arcade Missions

Arcade Missions provide you with the convenience of creating and joining parties in the Arcade directly from the mission interface. However, the Arcade must still be visited to deposit minerals.

The Supply Depot

The Supply Depot is a new feature that is connected to the mission interface. The Supply Depot is a place where players can purchase items associated with missions with energy. This includes accessories, weapons, gear, upgrades and even energy packs.

However, items in the Supply Depot must be earned. Items are added to your personal Supply Depot as you rank up. Achieve the highest rank you can and build the ultimate Supply Depot!

Weapons and gear purchased from the Supply Depot are BOUND on purchase!
Item Fixes
  • Deadshot Mantle no longer accepts FRONT attachments. BACK attachments now allowed. Any accessory that's already attached will not be affected.
  • Spiral Sallet's texture has had a recolor-seam fixed.
Item Balance


  • Removed piercing damage, now pure elemental damage (overall attack power remains the same)
  • Added undead damage bonus

Argent Peacemaker:

  • Removed piercing damage, now pure elemental damage (overall attack power remains the same)
  • Added undead damage bonus


  • Removed piercing damage, now pure shadow damage (overall attack power remains the same)
  • Added gremlin damage bonus


  • Removed piercing damage, now pure shadow damage (overall attack power remains the same)
  • Added gremlin damage bonus

The following handguns now push enemies away on charge attack instead of pulling them toward you;

  • Autogun
  • Pepperbox
  • Fiery Pepperbox
  • Volcanic Pepperbox
  • Magnus
  • Mega Magnus
  • Callahan
  • Punch Gun
  • Iron Slug
User Interface
  • Some simple animations have been added to various common UI.
  • Conversation UI has been rebuilt.
Monster Tweaks
  • A few monsters have had their attacks switched to split damage in Tier 2 and pure damage in Tier 3.
  • Vanaduke's corpse now cleans up faster and with fancier graphics.
Gremlins on the Rise!

Something has riled up the gremlins in the Clockworks, causing them to send out even the littlest ankle-biters of the bunch to join their front lines! A new series of levels called 'Gremlin Grounds' will now appear in the Clockworks. New gremlin monsters will now appear in Gremlin Grounds and missions:

  • Knocker
  • Lighter
  • Cooler
  • Jumper
  • Joker

Don't be fooled by their diminutive size* these horrible helpers will turn their tools against any knight they cross!

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