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From the Release Notes:
Operation Crimson Hammer!

The first Expansion Mission, Operation Crimson Hammer, has arrived!

Warmaster Seerus is the evil master of munitions within the gremlin's all-powerful Crimson Order. Thought to be the true mastermind behind the Roarmulus Twins and countless other gremlin weapons, he is the Crimson Order’s creator and supplier for their diabolical engines of war.

Recon Knights under the command of Lieutenant Feron recently discovered Seerus’s ‘Grand Arsenal,’ his development center and storage facility for all his weaponry. Now, Feron himself is leading several squads of knights directly into the Grand Arsenal, with the intention of weeding out Seerus and destroying his war machines.

Met with heavy resistance, Feron’s squads require reinforcements and Spiral HQ is sending you in to assist.


Lead the Assault

  • Experience an all-new adventure in the world of Spiral Knights!
  • Challenge the mighty gremlin lord, Warmaster Seerus, in his terrifying Grand Arsenal!

Expand Your Arsenal

  • Includes unique mission rewards: the powerful Rocket Hammer and the shadowy Dark Retribution bomb!
  • Includes a bonus craft-able helm, the Mask of Warmaster Seerus himself!

Ferocious New Monsters

  • Face the explosive weaponry of gremlin Mortafires and the stealthy blades of Ghostmane Stalkers!

Multiple Ways to Play

  • Unlocks three separate versions of Operation Crimson Hammer for each difficulty tier!
How to Access Expansion Missions

You can gain access to Expansion Missions by completing the Rank Mission 3-2 'The Pioneers.'

Once you have access, select the Expansion Mission you wish to purchase from the Expansion Mission menu and select 'Purchase Expansion. Steam users will be taken to Steam and Web users to the Energy Depot to complete your purchase.

Purchasing an Expansion Mission unlocks it for all knights on the account.


Three new item series have been added as part of Operation Crimson Hammer:

1* Prototype Rocket Hammer 3* Stable Rocket Hammer 5* Warmaster Rocket Hammer

Obtained as a mission reward, this sword class weapon launches your forward with its combo and creates a doubly devastating blast when charged!

1* Dark Reprisal 3* Dark Reprisal Mk II 5* Dark Retribution

Obtained as a mission reward, this shadowy bomb creates a swirling storm of projectiles after exploding!

1* Fractured Mask of Seerus 3* Flawed Mask of Seerus 5* Perfect Mask of Seerus

Obtained as a bonus, craftable item, this gunner's mask can be created if you survive enough battles against the Warmaster himself! Talk to Vise in the mission lobby for details!

Please note, Expansion Mission rewards cannot be sold, traded or dropped.

  • Battlepods are now immune to all status ailments.
  • New gremlin monsters in Operation Crimson Hammer: the Ghostmane Stalker and the Mortafire
Misc Changes
  • Kozma no longer sells Cobalt gear recipes and now opens the Supply Depot.
  • Boost has been replaced by Kozma.
  • Removed special weapons and materials from prestige exchange missions.
  • King Krogmo's Coliseum will now display your preferred region and the waiters/players counts for each game are only those for your region.
  • A confirm dialogue is now shown if joining another player would remove you from your party.
  • The Uplink now opens in the Ready Room.
  • Fixed a bug where closed gold doors would open when all knights were rescued and brought to the exit door in deconstruction zone levels.
  • Fixed some instances of broken tile art.
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