Release Notes 2012-03-07

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From the Release Notes:
  • Added over 30 Rank Missions through rank 9-4, allowing you to achieve the rank of Vanguard.
  • Prestige Mission rewards payouts adjusted for exchange-style missions.
  • Dark Reprisal, Dark Reprisal Mk II and Dark Retribution bombs have received a damage decrease and a speed reduction to their orbiting bullets.
  • More items have been added to the Supply Depot.
Operation Crimson Hammer
  • Added an all-new, free "Aftermath" level following 'Engines of War'
  • A number of collision space fixes in Operation Crimson Hammer, including one in which players could become fatally stuck inside of Gremlin bunkers.
  • Engines of War - Increased Warmaster Seerus' health
  • Engines of War - fixed Battlepod corpses disappearing between stages during the boss fight
  • Clear the Gatehouse - Removed material exploit in the bonus loot closet
  • Seerus hammer explosion damage has been decreased
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