Release Notes 2012-03-22

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From the Release Notes:


Some balance changes have been made to some items:

Armor & Helms

Skelly series:

  • Removed fire weakness

Magic Cloak series:

  • Removed stun weakness

Drake Scale series:

  • Added Poison resist.

Chaos set:

  • Added Charge Time bonus
  • Removed stun and sleep weakness

Justifier set:

  • Added stun resist

Shadowsun set:

  • Added poison resist
  • Removed curse weakness
  • Changed piercing defense to shadow defense
  • Increased handgun damage bonus

Deadshot set:

  • Added Handgun Attack speed

Nameless set:

  • Added freeze resist

Bombastic Demo set:

  • Added freeze resist
  • Increased bomb damage bonus


Drake scale series:

  • Added poison resist


Troika and Triglav Series, Thwack Hammer:

Charge attack changes:

  • Charge attack is now a two hit combo
  • Increased charge attack damage area
  • First hit does not impulse or apply status, is weaker
  • Second hit is more powerful, has status

Spur, Arc Razor and Winmillion:

Basic attack combo changes:

  • Attack one no longer has a forward impulse.
  • Attack one hit box narrowed and elongated slightly to bring inline with other swords.
  • Attack two forward impulse increased slightly.
  • Attack three knock-back impulse increased slightly.
  • Attack three hit box widened.

Charge attack changes:

  • Backstep at beginning of swing removed.
  • Spur charge attack power reduced
  • Arc Razor and Winmillion charge attack power increased, bullets now pierce through multiple targets


Crown and heat payouts for all levels will be undergoing adjustments over the next few patches in order to better balance the game economy and create a better experience for all players. In this patch you will see changes to missions and levels that were previously awarding an overabundance of crowns and heat.


  • Smilies typed into chat may be transformed into an appropriate emote.
  • Mac OS: text editing commands will now follow Mac conventions.
  • Added a confirmation check for exchange missions.


  • Fixed the collision on Cursed Nature Sprites to resolve a bug where they could get stuck.
  • Fixed bugs with depositing Cursed Nature Sprites in the Sprite Sanctuary.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a freeze when using chat history.
  • Mecha Knight monsters will properly block player bullets.

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