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From the Release Notes:

Spiral Knights is celebrating its first anniversary with a special event! Join in on the fun now through April 10, 2012!

It's a Caketastrophe!

Visit the Haven Town Square to meet the Skylark's Head Chef, Biscotti. She will inform you of a 'situation' at hand that involves hordes of monstrous cakes known as 'Creep Cakes.' Helping her solve this 'situation' will reward you with cake helms! Features include:

  • A new Prestige Mission, 'Total Caketastrophe' is available during the event
  • Biscotti, Maskwell and Bulky can be found in the Haven Town Square
  • Creep Cake nests can be found randomly within the Clockworks
  • Participating in these events will reward you with Cake Slice tokens
  • Maskwell now trades Cake Helms in exchange for Cake Slices
  • Bulky now sells confetti and Cake Slice tokens

Please note, the Frosted Helm and Foiled Frosted Helm will expire, however the Prismatic Frosted Helm lasts forever!

Get the Anniversary Prize Pack!

To celebrate the first anniversary of Spiral Knights, the Haven Treasury is giving away a FREE Anniversary Prize Pack with the purchase of any $9.95 energy purchase! The prize pack contains a random assortment of goodies that includes:

  • Handfuls of confetti (always included)

One accessory (always included): 4% Chance:

  • Cool Birthday Candle
  • Regal Birthday Candle
  • Military Birthday Candle
  • Heavy Birthday Candle
  • Fancy Birthday Candle
  • Dusky Birthday Candle
  • Toasty Birthday Candle
  • Cool Party Hat
  • Regal Party Hat
  • Military Party Hat
  • Heavy Party Hat
  • Fancy Party Hat
  • Dusky Party Hat
  • Toasty Party Hat
  • Cool Party Blowout
  • Regal Party Blowout
  • Military Party Blowout
  • Heavy Party Blowout
  • Fancy Party Blowout
  • Dusky Party Blowout
  • Toasty Party Blowout

2% Chance:

  • Volcanic Party Hat
  • Divine Party Hat
  • Prismatic Party Hat
  • Volcanic Party Blowout
  • Divine Party Blowout
  • Prismatic Party Blowout
  • Volcanic Birthday Candle
  • Divine Birthday Candle
  • Prismatic Birthday Candle

1% Chance:

  • Shadow Party Blowout
  • Shadow Party Hat
  • Shadow Birthday Candle
  • Sprinkle Aura (yes, your knight will be covered in delicious sprinkles)
Prize Pack Details

Offer available through April 10, 2012

All prize pack items are delivered UNBOUND.

As a special bonus, each purchase has a chance of receiving DOUBLE PRIZES!
Other Changes
  • Heavy statues will now "snap" into position on pressure plates, making it much easier to place them.
  • Throw-able objects such as pots and vials now have a targeting arrow.
  • "Command Emotes", such as /attack and /helpme now have translations for French, German, and Spanish.
  • The Elevator Pass will now be promoted when players are at an elevator and run out of energy.
  • Fixed a statue exploit in Firestorm Citadel Smoldering Steps
  • Fixed a bug in Firestorm Citadel Charred Court where you could get trapped by a timed door
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