Release Notes 2012-04-25

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From the Release Notes:
The Emberlight Adoption Agency Has Arrived!

Nonna, a representative for the Emberlight Adoption Agency has come to Haven seeking Knights to care for baby monsters that have lost their way in the Clockworks! Head to the Haven Town Square and see how you can purchase the following accessories:

  • Love Puppy Monster Pocket
  • Chroma Whelp Monster Pocket
  • Mewkat Monster Pocket

Each monster pocket is fully animated and attaches to the front of any compatible armor.

Nonna will be in town through April 30th, 2012. She will return some time in the future, but you never know which monsters she will have available for adoption!

New Character Creation

A new character creation interface is available that offers both a visual upgrade as well as new customization options. Options include:


  • Head
  • Body
  • Design


  • Accessory 1
  • Accessory 2


  • Height
  • Eyes
  • Personal Color
Unique Variants

You can now ‘lock’ Unique Variants in Punch’s shop when purchasing the two and three UV tickets. Locking UVs will retain them while you roll for new ones!

  • Fixed a bug where knights could get trapped between a timed door and the wall in the Clockworks.
  • Fixed some bugs where rocket blocks weren't turning off in the Ironclaw Munitions Factory.
  • The ground target when holding a heavy statue now snaps to pressure plates.
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