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From the Release Notes:
New User Experience

The Crash Site, Rescue Camp and Rescue Camp Missions have been revamped. New players will now meet their pal Rhendon and join him as they save the Rescue Camp from the monsters that lurk in the dark and the evil gremlin Schemer, Razwog.

This new experience is a taste of what's to come in the Spiral Knights story. Stay tuned!

  • All bombs have had their damage output increased by 15%
  • All handguns have had their damage increased by 10% and their charge attack damage increased by 20%

Minor art changes to the following Swords:

  • Slime Slasher
  • Super Slime Slasher
  • Beast Basher
  • Big Beast Basher

Damage increased:

  • Slime Slasher
  • Super Slime Slasher
  • Beast Basher
  • Big Beast Basher
  • Hatchet: increased damage area for charge attack
  • Damage bonus increased:
  • Cyclops Cap
  • Fencing Jacket
  • Proto Bomb: now has a chance HIGH to Stun MODERATE.

Damage area increased:

  • Twisted Spine Cone
  • Proto Bomb
  • Firecracker
  • Cold Snap
  • Static Flash
  • Spine Cone

Fuse time decreased:

  • Super Blast Bomb
  • Twisted Spine Cone
  • Dark Briar Barrage
  • Proto Bomb
  • Firecracker
  • Cold Snap
  • Static Flash
  • Blast Bomb
  • Spine Cone

Fuse time increased:

  • Master Blast Bomb
  • Spike Shower

Status power increased:

  • Cold Snap
  • Static Flash
  • Firecracker

Bullet Speed increased, minor knock*back added, charge shot damage radius increased:

  • Proto Gun
  • Stun Gun
  • Frost Gun
  • Super Stun Gun
  • Zapper
  • Blaster
  • Super Blaster
  • Master Blaster
  • Valiance

Moderate Knock-Back added, MEDIUM construct damage added, extra shot added before reload:

  • Punch Gun
  • Pummel Gun
  • Robo Wrecker (0* sword) and Rugged Robo Wrecker (1* sword) have been added to the Bazaar catalogs
  • All retrodes have received a slight health reduction.
  • Many levels now have beautiful new lighting, effects, backgrounds, etc.
  • Tier 1 levels now convey the proximity to Cradle's surface while deeper levels lose sunlight and become darker.
  • Crown and heat payouts have received further balancing, most notably in the Royal Jelly Palace.
  • Battle Arena*style mission levels have received an overhaul and now feature new rooms and a slick new presentation.
  • Conversation text now fades in line by line.
  • The character-selection screen has received a small visual update. 'Location' has also been replaced with 'Rank.'
  • Spanish, German and French languages have received more thorough translations. Mission and level names are now translated.
  • Fixed a bug where switching weapons could cause bullet damage to be modified.
  • Fixed a bug with coliseum payouts in certain rare circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug with saving a knight after anonymous login.
  • Fixed the Arcane Salamander Mask to display personalized eyes.
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