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From the Release Notes:
New Danger Mission : Compound 42

Spiral HQ has uncovered a gremlin bioweapons facility deep within the Clockworks. It is believed that this facility belongs to a member of the Crimson Order known only as ‘Herex.’ The Recon Rangers have been tasked with infiltrating the facility and uncovering the nature of Herex’s bioweapons before they are put to use.

Compound 42 is a new Danger Mission, intended for skilled players. It is available in the Prestige Mission section of the Mission interface.

New monsters are featured in Compound 42 and their official names are:
- Toxoil
- Giant Toxoil
- Compound Polyp
- Gremlin Incinerator

  • Item drops will no longer appear inside of flame tiles, such as those in Firestorm Citadel.
  • Drones have been tweaked so that they have more consistent behavior.
  • Trojans should no longer spam their push-back attack when near large amount of blocks.
  • Fire produced from oil is now slightly less potent.
  • Fire produced from oil now consistently damages monsters.
  • Oil now ignites from oil slick to oil slick at a slight delay.
  • Fire produced from oil in Tier 2 now burns for the intended amount of time.
  • Popups referencing the ATTACK button now display the first available key association for the command.
  • Added /invite and /joinknight commands to chat interface.
  • Changed Prestige Mission tooltips to show your knight's current prestige levels instead of the mission's.
  • Added prestige icon to knight's prestige number when inspected.
  • Added a tooltip for PvP button.
  • Removed Energy Module on the HUD until at least one of a player's knights has reached Haven.
  • Added tooltips for advanced video options.
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