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From the Release Notes:
Guild Hall Expansion

Engineering systems are back online at Spiral HQ and guilds are now clear to turn their Guild Halls into grand castles. All current guild halls are being upgraded all*new expandable guild hall! They may be stranded on Cradle, but their new Guild Halls offer a bit more comfort and enhanced community for fellow knights. But its not all for show, for these newly expanded halls will also serve as fortifications against the coming darkness that lurks within the Clockworks.

  • Customize and expand your guild hall using the Design Mode, accessed from your guild's Command Console
  • Purchase vendor and service rooms for extra convenience
  • Buy furniture to decorate your new rooms from the Birdsong Emporium
  • Guild upgrades: member limit increases and guild storage
  • A special training hall exclusively for guild members
  • Set your Guild Hall to 'open to the public' and meet prospective recruits or throw a party!

You can read a more detailed description of features here

Homecoming Celebration

The Spiral Knights are celebrating the Guild Hall Expansion with a Homecoming Celebration! As part of the celebration, Spiral HQ is awarding special prizes based on rank to all knights!

Each knight will receive a Battle Stand furnishing item, Honor Blade sword and Honor Guard Shield just for logging in during the Homecoming Celebration.


Items are awarded to knights based on rank:

Rank 1*1 to 3*2

  • Soldier's Battle Stand
  • Honor Blade
  • Honor Guard

Rank 4*1 to 6*2

  • Knight's Battle Stand
  • Tempered Honor Blade
  • Great Honor Guard

Rank 7*1 to 9*4

  • Champion's Battle Stand
  • Ascended Honor Blade
  • Mighty Honor Guard

Rank 10

  • Vanguard's Battle Stand
  • Lionheart Honor Blade
  • Exalted Honor Guard
Guild Creation
  • The crown cost associated with creating a guild is now 50,000 crowns. These crowns are instantly added to the guild's Treasury upon creating the guild.
  • As a special bonus, all current guilds will receive an extra 50,000 crowns deposited into their Guild Treasury.
Haven Garrison

The Spiral Order has increased their presence in Haven by setting up a permanent Garrison to the east of the Town Square. The Garrison contains the Hall of Heroes, Guild Hall and another building currently under development.

Additional Details
  • Entering the Guild Hall will allow you to access your Guild Hall or any other Guild Halls open to the public.
  • Exiting a Guild Hall now sends you to outside the Guild Hall in the Haven Garrison.
  • The Hall of Heroes has received a visual overhaul.
  • Minor visual fixes to the Aegis and Mighty Defender
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