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From the Release Notes:
Kataclysmic Confrontation!

Someone or something has summoned a horde of cursed black kats into the Clockworks. These shadowy beasts hunger for arcane power and raided the Moorcroft Manor Archives' precious collection of magical grimoires.

In the wrong hands these ancient tomes could be kata- er, catastrophic, but it turns out that black kats can't read, so they instead decided to just eat them.

The residents of Moorcroft Manor would like you to retrieve the Ancient Pages of the magical grimoires that quite likely reside in the stomachs of black kats. We'll leave you to figure out just how to recover them...

Event Overview

Kataclysmic Confrontation is a new event that will run for a limited time but will return again some time in the future. The goal of the event is to collect Ancient Page tokens for all-new kat gear in Moorcroft Manor. The event is available for knights rank 4-1 and up.

Ancient Page tokens can be acquired in two ways:

  • Completing the daily Prestige Missions and receiving them as mission rewards
  • Receiving them as drops from black kat monsters in missions or the Arcade

Black kats are a new monster that focus on powerful curse attacks. They can randomly be found in place of any spookat-type monster in any Tier 2 and Tier 3 level level of the Clockworks (Missions and Arcade Gates). Black kats often, but no always, drop Ancient Page tokens (1 token in Tier 2, 3 tokens in Tier 3). Specifically, any 'guaranteed encounters' of black kats in a mission do not drop page tokens, though the mission guarantees them as rewards (once a day).

Ancient Page Tokens do not expire. Acquiring all the Kat gear will likely take multiple events.

This event is scheduled to end on February 13th.

Moorcroft Manor Additions

Moorcroft Manor is now outfitted with the Moorcroft Archives, a special library of ancient grimoires. Unfortunately just as soon as it opened it was raided by a mysterious swarm of black kats and its up to you to help restore it.

New Features:

  • Pembrooke, the spookat caretaker of the Moorcroft Archives
  • Montague, the Historic Preservation Motivator. Montague is a token trader that exchanges rewards for Ancient Page tokens
  • Moorcroft Alchemy Station, where Kat Gear can be crafted
  • There's also definitely something up with the Konjuring Kat. Maybe if you had the right item...

Pembrooke, Montague and the Moorcroft Alchemy Station will remain after the event ends.

New Kat Gear All-new gear can be acquired through participation in the event. This gear can be obtained from Montague in Moorcroft Manor and via the Moorcroft Alchemy Station. It includes:

  • Kat Claw Hood (3* helm)
  • Kat Claw Mask (4* helm)
  • Kat Claw Cowl (5* helm)
  • Kat Eye Hood (3* helm)
  • Kat Eye Mask (4* helm)
  • Kat Eye Cowl (5* helm)
  • Kat Hiss Hood (3* helm)
  • Kat Hiss Mask (4* helm)
  • Kat Hiss Cowl (5* helm)
  • Kat Tribe Fetish (4* material)

Remember, the only way to claim this new gear is by hunting down black kats and collecting those Ancient Page tokens. So equip yourself with curse-resistant gear and get hunting!

Guild Hall Features

A new feature is now available for Guild Halls, 'themes' and 'environments.' Both allow your Guild Hall to stand out and give it a totally new feel!

Themes change the lighting, walls, floor, fog and background of the Guild Hall. Available themes include:

  • Default Theme
  • Blast Furnace Theme
  • Cooling Chamber Theme
  • Wasteworks Theme
  • Power Complex Theme
  • Spooky Theme

Environments change the weather and other ambient effects of the Guild Hall. Available environments include:

  • Default Environment
  • Falling Embers Environment
  • Rain Shower Environment
  • Snowfall Environment

Additional Feature Changes
  • The prices of many Guild Hall expansions, rooms and furnishings have been reduced. Simply 'publish' in Design Mode to get the new upkeep rates.
  • 3D models now appear in the tooltips for weapons and gear.
  • The party configuration interface in the Missions and Adventure Board has been revamped.
  • Interfaces for learning recipes and transmuting items has been refined.
  • More icons have been added to the minimap for improved town navigation.
  • The Chaos Cloak and Chaos Cowl have been buffed.

Lastly, please be advised: should you find any kind of whole ancient codex or grimoire from a black kat in the darkest depths of the Clockworks, you are to under no circumstances give it to anyone who could use it for EVIL.

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