Release Notes 2013-02-13

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From the Release Notes:
Kataclysmic Confrontation

The Kataclysmic Confrontation has ended... for now. Those black kats cannot be kept at bay for ever and will likely find a way to return from the depths of the abyss once more!

Pembrooke, Montague and the Moorcroft Alchemy Station will remain in Moorcroft Manor and all tokens and materials associated with the event do not expire.

Guild Hall
  • Added a confirmation before leaving a party to enter your Guild Hall.
  • Added directional indicators to the footprints when placing furnishings.
  • Reduced speed of Curious Mewkats.
Additional Changes
  • Decreased difficulty of the Crossing the Chasm fire trap room.
  • Models in tooltips now display for furnishings & accessories.
  • Accessories on armor and helms now show up in the model tool tip.
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