Release Notes 2013-08-21

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From the Release Notes:
Guild Changes

The following prices in the Guild Hall have been adjusted:

  • Upkeep costs reduced by approximately 80%
  • Installation costs increased by approximately 20%
  • Furnishing prices increased by approximately 10%.

All guilds have been granted a week of free upkeep and any guild currently in default has been removed from default.

Fire Crystal Recipes

New recipes have been added to rank missions that allow the conversion of Fire Crystals from one star level to the next lower star level. These recipes are bound once acquired. Any fire crystals produced via alchemy are bound.

Additionally, any knight that has already completed the required missions will receive these recipes in the mail.

  • Shining Fire Crystal Recipe
  • Glowing Fire Crystal Recipe
  • Warm Fire Crystal Recipe
  • Dim Fire Crystal Recipe
  • Cracked Fire Crystal Recipe

  • Vitapod drop rate has been increased
  • Sprite food alchemy machines can now be found in Emberlight and Moorcroft Manor
  • Sprite food recipes no longer allow any sprite food material as an ingredient

  • Boss trophies no longer require orbs of alchemy to craft them.

The following items have been added to the Haven Bazaar
  • Spitfire
  • Ignition Armor
  • Ignition Helm
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