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From the Release Notes:
Arcade Redux - Phase 1

The first phase of our re-design of the Arcade is now available. This includes significant changes to the Arcade experience and does not represent our intended final design for the Arcade Redux. However, this update is important to both set the stage for future revisions as well as provide a faster solution for the current overabundance of themes resulting from valestone and moonstone deposits.

Gate Changes
  • Gate themes are now randomly generated. However, the random generation prevents two themes from occupying the same tier, just as before.
  • As gates are now randomly generated, mineral deposits are no longer necessary. The Arcade now features four active gates in rotation instead of four active and four dormant.
  • Interacting with a gate console opens the mission UI with the appropriate gate selected.

Material Finder
  • A new tab has been added to the gate map view, allowing you to see the most prominent materials to drop on each stratum.
  • A material finder feature has been added to all recipe and alchemy lists. Simply clicking any required ingredient of a recipe will allow you to view the gate that likely contains that material. Handy!
  • All material item tooltips now display the themes where you will most likely find the material.

Interface Changes
  • The party configuration options have been adjusted.
  • Tier Clearance and Gate Progress interfaces have been removed. Achievements are now available within the Character interface.
  • The Supply Depot has received a complete visual overhaul.
  • The Exchange and Energy Depot are now accessible within the Supply Depot.

New Pickups

New pickups have been added. These include:

  • Artillery Strike
  • Ranger Signal Flare
  • Auto Turret Kit
  • Fire Barrier
  • Super Fire Barrier
  • Ultra Fire Barrier
  • Freeze Barrier
  • Super Freeze Barrier
  • Ultra Freeze Barrier
  • Shock Barrier
  • Super Shock Barrier
  • Ultra Shock Barrier
  • Poison Barrier
  • Super Poison Barrier
  • Ultra Poison Barrier
Additional Features
  • An all-new prologue video is now played when creating a new knight. Players can finally get a glimpse of Captain Ozlo and his crew in the moments before the crash of the Skylark.
  • Guild Name Change Pass and Knight Name Change Pass have been added to the Supply Depot.
  • When choosing to 'Go Solo' from an existing party, your new party will not allow anyone to join unless invited.
  • Frozen players can now be freed by handgun bullets.
  • Shadow Lairs can now be completed in any order.
  • Fixed equipping loadouts in PvP that have an assigned battle sprite.
  • Fixed reset stars for pets at max heat and max perks.
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