Release Notes 2013-12-11

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From the Release Notes:
  • Added a mini boss battle to the end of the crash site
  • Monsters will now drop Attack Boosters, Defense Boosters and Speed Boosters. They each grant a small boost, but will not stack. Picking up a boost while already boosted will reset the boost timer.
  • Added an improved walkthrough for the Time to Get Crafty mission
  • Added a guided tour of the Advanced Training Hall to the Pumping Up mission
  • Added an icon to the ingredients panel to show when a material can be found in the clockworks
  • Sparks of Life can now be used for a quicker revive in PvP
  • Clicking on the HUD Battle Sprite portrait now opens the Character Panel on the Battle Sprite tab
  • Added a small panel to buy Alchemy Orbs and Fire Crystals when you don't have enough to transmute or forge

  • Trinket tooltips should no longer show levels
  • After sending a chat message the auto-targeter should no longer malfunction
  • The social panel can now be scrolled all the way to the bottom
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