Release Notes 2019-08-07

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From the Release Notes:


  • Turbillion - The new 5* sword that can be crafted up from the Winmillion. The recipe should be available in the Hall of Heroes.
  • Increased treasure payout from Compound Wilds.
  • Reduction of damage reflected by echo blocks.
  • New lockdown hazards added: Dream wisp that will stay on the control point and Sleep orbitals.
  • Guild hall logs will now show the old theme or environment that was replaced when a new one was installed.

Changes to mimic battle:

  • Rare trinket drop from mimic. The Promissory Note can be obtained as a rare drop after defeating the mimic.
  • Increased treasure payout from Treasure Vault.
  • Improved blocking of orbital bullets.
  • Tentacles shouldn’t get stuck “up” which should reduce instances of double-tentacles.
  • Tentacle piercing defense enhanced.
  • Changes to try to prevent knights from getting stuck between tentacles and the mimic.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the “Flash Charge” bug when using some weapons and power-ups.
  • Fixed an issue with the difficulty of the Shadow Lair level ‘It Came From Below’ to be like it was before. The Shadow Lairs will continue to be difficult.
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