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Spiral Knights gives players a few abilities to help regulate their own experiences. If someone is bothersome, players can do these types of things:

However, sometimes one may need to complain behavior that violate Spiral Knights' Terms of Service and Community Standards.

Making a Complaint about a Player

Select "Complain" from the player dropdown menu.
The complaint screen allows you to select which offense you want to complain about.
You may need to scroll down to get to the correct options.
After you make your selection and file a complaint, you do not need to do anything else.

If another player is violating Spiral Knights' Terms of Service, that player may be complained.

  1. Make sure that the player is really doing something that violates the Terms of Service. It's not ideal to report someone who is being irritating but is not truly breaking the rules. For example, you should not report someone who you simply find annoying.
  2. Ask the person to stop the offensive behavior and let them know that they can be reported for breaking the rules.
  3. If they do not stop, click on the player and select the "Complain" option from the menu, or type /complain + knight name.
  4. A box will appear with various options for complaining about the player.
  5. After submitting the complaint, nothing further need be done; the report will be sent to the Game Masters for review.

Complaint Options

While the complaint window shows a number of options, not all of them are legitimate grounds for a complaint (noted with a * in the list below). The options include:

  • Offensive chat — Offensive chat includes swearing, sexual language, violent language, or racist language. Along with filing a complaint, you should also consider using the game's chat filters and the option of ignoring the offensive player.
  • Spamming — If someone is spamming they are repeating text or sending long lines of nonsense with the sole purpose filling up the chat screen of others. Only complain about this behavior if it is more than a couple lines of chat. In the case of only a couple lines of chat, you should consider ignoring them.
  • Annoying* — If a player is annoying you by doing something like calling you names or teasing you, it is not grounds for filing a complaint. Instead, you should consider ignoring them.
  • Underage, under 13 — You have to be 13 years or older to play Spiral Knights. If someone admits in chat that they are under 13, then you may file a complaint about them. Please use common sense; for example, if they claim to be 4 years old while typing perfectly, then it is obviously not true and you should not file a complaint.
  • Offensive name — Names that are offensive are not acceptable in Spiral Knights. Be aware that what you consider offensive may not generally be considered offensive.
  • Filed a complaint against me* — You do not need to file a complaint against someone because you believe they filed a complaint against you. Game Masters read through all the complaints, and if you didn't break any rules, then you do not need to worry.
  • Personal information — Revealing personal information is not acceptable, whether it is your own or another player's. Asking for personal information is not acceptable either. This includes phone numbers, the address of where players live, or real names. Your age, grade in school, or hobbies are not considered personal information when complaining players. Please read account security for more information about protecting your account by not revealing your personal or account information.
  • Scamming — This is when a player is trying to trick you into doing something you shouldn't do. It includes asking for your account name & password, wanting to trade accounts with you, claiming to be someone that they are not, and other activities that may cause harm to your knight.
  • Hacking — This is when someone is trying to get a hold of your account name or password, or already has done this. The vast majority of hacking issues aren't actually hacking, but are careless sharing of accounts of passwords. You should never share your password with anyone, including Game Masters. Please read account security for more information.
  • Wrong trade* — Because Game Masters can't know what the agreement with the trade was, they are not able to assist players in this aspect of the game and do not recover items for players. Try to talk to the other player and work it out instead. Please remember in the future to be careful and never trade anything away unless you would be okay with the other player not returning the item.
  • Not listed — You should only use this option if none of the other options covers your complaint. This option gives you a space to type out your complaint.

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