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Reporting bugs helps developers learn about issues so they can be fixed.

Common Issues Mistaken for Bugs

First you should know about some common causes of issues that are not bugs:

  • Graphical glitches — While graphical glitches can certainly be a bug, the vast majority of issues like these come from old video drivers or video cards that don’t have the capabilities to run the game with full graphics effects showing. To fix these issues please see the Technical issues FAQ for more information.
You may also consider lowering your graphics settings in the game by accessing Icon-settings.png Menu → Options or using Esc to get to Options. Along with adjusting your Graphics Quality using the slider, decreasing the resolution in Display Mode may improve your experience. Also, by using the "Edit Advanced" button in Options, you can try to toggle the Compatibility Mode to see if that improves your experience. Running in full screen may also be a help.
  • Lag — Lag can be the cause of many annoying problems, but they come from issues locally on your computer, your internet connection, or the internet routing from your computer to our servers. All of these issues are outside of Spiral Knight's control.
    • For your computer you’ll want to make sure no other programs are running in the background. Running other programs may cause your computer to respond slowly.
    • For your internet connection, problems often arise from a wireless connection. While your connection may appear to work fine for loading web pages, it may cause issues while playing the game because the Spiral Knights game server needs to be in constant contact with your computer.
    • When you play Spiral Knights, data from your computer needs to move along an internet path to & from the game server. If there is an issue along that path that stops or slows traffic, such as a broken router, the flow of information is interrupted. Unfortunately, there’s really not much you can do about it and you will have to wait until the issue is resolved or traffic is rerouted.
    • In-game you can see an icon with bars in the upper right corner. This indicator shows your network connection strength. If there aren't many bars, you might have some problems with lag.

How to Report a Bug

If you’re sure you can rule out those and are convinced this is a bug in the game that needs fixing, you can hit F2 to enter information that describes precisely what the problem is. Please be detailed. You can also use "/bug <detailed description of the bug>" in your chat entry box.

If your computer crashed, it’s still useful to report the bug when you return to the game. Along with the bug report, the game includes non-personal debug information that helps us track down the root of the problem.

Please note you will not receive a response to your bug report. If you have a question or concern that required a response, you will need to use the in-game support request to contact a Game Master.

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