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Revelation Brigade guild Logo -6.png

" I swear to fight for my guild!" ,Quote from Blixslayer.

We Started in Novmember 2013 and we have been running for a while, thank you for all your help so far!...
We had one mission, to make a fun guild that was active, friendly and entertaining for you guys- Blixslayer,Cdst and many other Guild members have been working hard to make this a better place for you!

Revelation Brigade is a guild made for the comfort of members and following communities throughout Spiral Knights.

Our Guild has not closed, but is inactive and broken up, It did continue to grow with the support of you! (without you donating, we would not be here!) So thank you to all people who donated!~ Cdst, Blixslayer and the Revelation Brigade gang!

Revelation Brigade
GuildLogo-Revelation Brigade.png

We must stand and fight my brothers and sisters! War may be hell, so be it; we will give them a shocking revelation!

Guild Founder: Blixslayer
Approx. Population: Approx 32 Members
Guild Master(s):

Blixslayer,Lava-Fate(Ex GM) ,Cdst(Ex GM),Goldenriot,Sakif-Dark-Mage, Darkshadowmage

Guild Officer(s):


We have a website: for queries about our guild and etc. and we also have a steam community group called: Revelation Brigade, for guild members.

It will be even better when we have more higher rank guild members, Officers (8 max) and (Guild Masters 8 max) to help with various things, however we can have more Officers and Guild Masters, if needed/wanted. ,to rank up, read the following below

Thank you for joining our guild and may you stay well my brothers and sisters; welcome home!!! If You Have any questions, Ask any Guild Master or Officer!

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