Rhendon Dialogue/Crash Site

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...come in, PLAYERNAME, are you there? This is Recon Knight Rhendon!
  • I'm here, what happened?
You just hit the surface of Cradle. My escape pod crashed just north of your position. We should meet up and find the nearest rally point.

Be careful and ready your sword, there are hostile creatures everywhere!
  • Roger that, Rhendon. I'm heading your way!

(When you meet up)

PLAYERNAME! Am I glad to see you! This place is so alien, I'm happy to see a familiar face and not another hostile.
  • Glad to see you in one piece as well, Rhendon. Where are the other survivors?
I've established a comlink with Knights that have formed a Rescue Camp up ahead. If you head north, you should eventually reach it.

I'm going to stay here for now and locate any other Knights that have crashed in the area. I'll meet you at the Rescue Camp before sunset.

And should you encounter anything really dangerous, press <Controls> to use your shield!
  • I'll scout ahead then! Be careful, Rhendon. (ends dialogue)
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