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Attention, knights!

Shadow Lairs have been uncovered within the Clockworks! These dangerous areas are filled with the most fearsome creatures and fantastic treasures yet seen, but only the most stalwart knights need apply!

Shadow Lairs


Deep within the Tier 3 clearance zone of the Clockworks, Spiral HQ has discovered a terminal containing elevators leading to what are being referred to as Shadow Lairs. Knights who have ventured within these strange new worlds have reported feeling a dreadful darkness enveloping them at every turn.

Those knights interested in exploring these dangerous new areas are advised that they can only be breached by using powerful artifacts known as Shadow Keys, which can occasionally be acquired from Iron Lockboxes. Spiral HQ strongly advises taking a full complement of knights along when venturing into these perilous regions, but worry not: the fantastic power within a single Shadow Key is sufficient to give your entire squad access to a Shadow Lair!


Shadow Lairs feature some of the most terrifying monsters of the Clockworks imbued with dark powers: madness has overtaken the Snarbolax, Lord Vanaduke has embraced the forbidden powers of Darkfire and now commands a legion of cursed undead, and the Royal Jelly has been usurped by a far more legitimate heir to the throne!

In addition to these nightmarish creatures, knights are cautioned that Shadow Lairs contain hazards beyond what they have previously experienced. Come prepared to defend against all forms of attack, and equip yourself to repel Poison, Curse, and more!


Sloverview-Snarbolax set.png

Knights who have returned from the twisted clutches of the Shadow Lairs have spoken of obtaining new five-star crafting materials which can be used to produce brand-new sets of five-star armor, like the fierce Snarbolax Set pictured here.

Such advanced alchemy is beyond the capabilities of the Spiral Order's alchemy stations, however... Perhaps there's something more to be found beyond the bosses of the Shadow Lairs?

Shadow Lair Clearance

To prevent unnecessary casualties, Spiral HQ has instituted a clearance requirement for accessing the more unstable Shadow Lairs. All knights who venture to the Clockworks Terminal deep within Tier 3 are granted Shadow Lair Clearance Level 1 and access to the Rabid Snarbolax Shadow Lair. Higher clearance can be earned by defeating the boss at the end of one of the Shadow Lairs within your current clearance. Different and more dangerous Shadow Lairs become accessible at the following clearances...

  • Clearance Level 1: Rabid Snarbolax Shadow Lair
  • Clearance Level 2: Ice Queen and Red Roarmulus Twin Shadow Lairs
  • Clearance Level 3: Darkfire Vanaduke Shadow Lair

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