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Sword Art Online
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Gear Levels and stars are just numbers. In this world, strength is just an illusion. There are more important things.

Guild Founder: Shiwt
Approx. Population: ~28
Guild Master(s):

Shiwt , Mystogan-edolas , Generalt , Animerock

Guild Officer(s):

a few


Sword Art Online is about players being stuck in an MMO game , the creator later said that it was intentional as he wanted to observe his own world. In order to escape this virtual world , players have to fight their way from floor 1 to floor 100. There is no respawn in this game and the 10 000 players have to fight their way to floor 100 to finish the game. This shows a resemblance to spiral knights that's why i created this guild. Some examples are the charging of swords , the forming of parties and guilds , PvP(duels) , boss rooms and more!

P.s this is my general description

Joining The Guild

My name is Shiwt , just add me or message me in-game and i will invite you.

I am also looking for more guild masters and officers , preferably someone who loves Sword Art online and is good at the game. Anyone interested please speak to me.

The guild would accept anyone as long as they don't go offline for extremely long periods of time(see rules) and not break the rules.


We usually go for vana runs if 4 guild members with good enough gear are online. Sometimes some like to solo jelly king runs and others like recipe runs and even event runs like Halloween.Generally people in the guild mind their own business and are here for the guild name.


We don't do guild lockdown, hence the members usually go alone in their own lockdown games.


I don't think there is a need for rules as this is not really a guild for strict PvP or Clockworks runs , however these are some rules everyone would probably never break

-Be online at least once a year (In-active knights will be demoted until Online)

-No spamming the chat feed

-Do not disturb other members , know the limit

-Do not cheat anyone of a deal

-Leave the editing of the guild hall to the Gms but if you want to edit just ask

-Have Fun

The SAO Guild Hall

The upkeep of the guild hall is paid by the guild masters and members don't have to worry about it. However we would appreciate donations of any amount to help pay upkeep and upgrade the hall.

As said in the rules the editing of the guild hall should be left to the Gms but anyone that wants to setup can ask and we will let you edit.

Notable Members

-Animerock (Founding Member)

-Mystogan-edolas(formerly Goldensteels)(Founding Member)

-Generalt (Former Guild Master)

-ipwnedjoo (Outstanding officer)

-Heavenlytail (Outstanding officer)

-Epicgstarlol (Maintained the Guild with initiative)

-Relocate (Outstanding officer)

-Tellacon (Outstanding officer)

-Iqun (Outstanding Officer)

-VividLight (Oustanding Officer)

-Altairezio (Long in service officer)

-Zaicliff (Long in service Officer)




-Members that came from the ALO guild during the SAO and ALO merge

-Anyone that is regretfully missed out

For more information

If you want to know more about Sword Art Online here are some links


Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/SwordArtOnline.SAO

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