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Can someone confirm the 3 blasts on the Glacius charge attack? I own one of my own, and in testing the charge attack I can only manage up to 2 blasts. It may be a graphics error on my part, or a poor connection to the servers. -Dasparian

Yes, it can do up to 3 explosions. It seems as though the higher level it is, the better chance of causing three. Mine is at level 10 and almost always does 3 explosions, but that wasn't the case when it was level 1. - Zetta_Lux

So, me and my friend got stuck at Vanaduke since he just disappeared. While we waited, I managed to do 100 charge attacks with my level 10 Glacius. It seems the rate of causing 3 explosions is 64/100, the rest did only two. Yeah I'm bored - Zetta_Lux

Green Shards

Can someone confirm that the recipe only requires 15 green shards. Other similar (5 star) items require 20 shards.

Yes the Glacius requires 5 less shards than most 5 star equipment, I have the recepie. ~Vermilionshadow.

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