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To easily and consistently place information about basil's recipe inventory on pages based on depth. The template also adds items to a relevant category.





  • 1
A number 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 that matches the star level of the item. (0 does not apply)
  • only
yes = registers for Category:Recipes only available from Basil
no = does not register for category


  • mission
The name of a mission
Use only if Basil sells the recipe in a mission lobby
  • mission 1
  • mission 2
  • mission 3...
The name of a mission
Use only if the above mission parameter and preceding mission # is used = Basil sells the recipe in more than 1,2,3...mission lobbies. Enter the missions in rank order, starting with the earliest mission.


The code has a lot of switches to take care of grammatical stuffs.

The code forces the category to sort by star level, then alphabetically within star level.

"Only" parameter only pertains to the category registration, and has nothing to do with "only depth" etc.

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