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For use with Template:Dialogue to hide long dialogue sections as desired, when the information is useful but interrupts the flow of a page.


|title   = 
|content = 



  • the title text near the icon in the showhide. Please link these with [[PAGE LINKED TO]]. These should be used under certain conditions:
Character Name: if the dialogue template is used on a page that is a location
Location Name: if the dialogue template is used on a page that is that character's page


  • What appears within the showhide. Please link to the appropriate dialogue page, like so: {{:Rhendon Dialogue/Should You Choose to Accept}}


See what links here for examples of this template in action.

NPC subpages (NPCNAME Dialogue/Location) do not use this optional show/hide template, revealing an entire dialogue (entered into Template:Dialogue) alone on its own page for easy reading. A dialogue page is inserted into the showhide via {{:NAME OF DIALOGUE PAGE}} for optional reading on pages with other information.

If there are three or more characters - NPC 1, NPC2, The Player (you) - then the dialogue page does not include names, just location: {{:Dialogue/Location}}. An example of this is witnessed with Dialogue/Refuge. As a minor bonus, Category:Dialogues will organize such oddities under D, for "Dialogue," so users can easily find locations with complex multi-character dialogues. This does not include dialogues that are initiated separately, as with 4-2 Interface-icon-PvE.png Mission: A New Threat, applying to single dialogue screen initiations only.
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