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To visually organize Exploration entities.

Use {{ExplorationList/Start}} to start and {{Table/End}} to close.


|name   = 
|notes  = 




The name of the entity. Whenever possible, use in-game names. Otherwise, stick with the most common colloquial name or names used by staff when uploading.


Describe the entity. Include locations if the entity is only encountered in one or a few areas. Include the release date if possible.



  • The name that is displayed. This can be adjusted to best describe an entity whose file was uploaded to a funky name. Be mindful of redirects and anchors.
If an official name source is ever discovered (in-game, admin post), the proper name should be used as should an appropriate file. Do your best to retain history if helpful - sometimes the game undergoes art changes, and file history is good for both editors and the curious.

Known sources of exploration entity names, ordered generally by priority:

Targeting text
Bubbletext (pink header text, yellow text, brownish background)
NPC dialogue
Release notes
Admin forum posts
Colloquial name
File name (frequently results in colloquial name if editors establish it first, be wary of repeated term usage)


  • The name of the file, between File: and .png. Sometimes images are uploaded to quirky filenames for other more dominant uses, such as monster files. Exploration is a large topic, so such phenomenon are expected. Avoid using monster visuals in the exploration page, they have their own page, template, and file naming system.


See what links here for examples of this template in action.

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