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To consistently display opinionated loadout information for various combat situations, usually a mission or a specific geographical area.


|mission =
|intro   =
|helmet  =
|armor   =
|shield  =
|weapon  =
|trinket =
|sprite  =



  • intro
Describe a general loadout with a few specifics.



|location = 

and input either "mission," "level," "region," or "other" for the location the loadout pertains to. These options will make various parameters (that need to be entered, such as "|region =") pop up that need to be filled accordingly in order to properly link to a relevant article.

Gear Inputs

Gear parameters use "if" conditions so they will only fill out if the parameter is used, allowing editors to make recommendations for one type of equipment while leaving the rest to the intro if desired.

Use the following format for each item per input:

*{{equip|ITEM}} (brief reason - optional)
*{{equip|ITEM}} (brief reason - optional)
*{{equip|ITEM}} (brief reason - optional)

Unless it's a battle sprite:

*{{sprite|SPRITE}} (brief reason - optional)


Make sure naming convention is maintained for all created loadout guide articles. "LOCATIONNAME/Loadout" should be the page title.

This template should only be used on specific guide pages that are carefully linked to from more official articles. Loadouts are an opinionated matter and therefore difficult to include on a wiki (which is a place of facts), but players appreciate guides and recommendations. With easy links to the equipment in loadout guides, players can thus use both opinionated content and official information to increase their enjoyment of the game.

Clicking the "edit" link for subsections of Loadout pages will take you to the template, because they are part of the template. Do not attempt to edit loadout pages in this manner.

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