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To either link to an area that has different levels, and/or to link to an area with a specific phrase. Can include icon if necessary.

Usage of this template allows instant master control of all "area:level," "area," and "level" linking regarding icon size, font size, italics, and linking destinations in the face of disambiguation and redirect issues.







  • The name of the area, such as "Clockwork Tunnels" or "Blast Furnace." Certain places are linked to appropriate pages via a switch.


  • The name of the level, such as "Wild Path" or "Noxious Night."


  • A number, X.X (defaults to 1)
Even numbers mean an icon is displayed.
Odd numbers mean no icon is displayed.
"6" mean just the icon is displayed.
"3" and "4" display information without linking (allows prevention of confusing link loops to the same area page through redirects).
X (no decimal) = Links to area and level, displays area and level.
X.2 = links and/or displays only area
X.3 = links and/or displays only level
X.4 = helps icon display status influenced level
X.5 = use for strange level exceptions



  • A phrase, mostly used for Gate Maps. Inputs include:
"random" (use if the floor is composed of random level segments, even if there is technically a "0% chance for a danger room to appear" and so on)
"same" (use if the floor is the same as a level)
"unique" (use if the floor is unique to the mission)
"several" (use if there are several randomly generated segments unique to the mission. Can specify floor link with "floor=")
"special" (use if the mission is composed entirely of randomly generated segments unique to the mission)


See what links here for examples of this template in action.


Most of these names appear as italicized text during loading screens as well as the tooltips that pop up when mouse hovering over gate map icons in-game.

Used mostly to clarify the geography of gate maps.

If a level name uses a colon

Gate-Lichenous Lair-Prognosis∶ Symbiosis.png
For this "Prognosis∶ Symbiosis" file:

A different character than : (keyboard colon) had to be used in the filename because the colon character is not published-link-friendly and can cause line break issues. The wiki will automatically change the file name if the upload destination attempts to use a colon other than to specify namespace. The "∶" character (U+2236 ratio) is in place in the file here: File:Gate-Lichenous Lair-Prognosis∶ Symbiosis.png (ratio), while File:Gate-Lichenous Lair-Prognosis: Symbiosis.png (colon) is simply redirected to it. This redirect allows editors to continue using a colon for template inputs, so editors do not have to copy paste the ratio for casual editing.

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