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To display a sortable list of monsters. Consider it to be an organized, informative gallery of all monsters.


|name   = 
|tier   =
|family = 
|status = 
|type   = 
|class  = 
|notes  = 




  • The name of the monster as seen in-game when it is targeted. Use upper case.


The tiers in which the monster can be encountered, considering its visual appearance as well. Some monsters look the same for all tiers. Enter one of the following that fits:
all (if encountered in all tiers but has the same appearance, example usage is "Zombie")
1 (if only encountered in tier 1)
2 (if only encountered in tier 2)
3 (if only encountered in tier 3)
1,2 (if only encountered in tier 1 or 2)
1,3 (this is not used with the way the game works right now)
2,3 (if only encountered in tier 2 or 3, example usage is "Black Kat")
1,2,3 (most commonly used - this is only for monsters that have a different visual appearance per tier)


  • The family the monster belongs to.


  • The status the monster is themed with. Do not use stun.


  • The "species" of monster. Example: A Hurkat is a Kat.


  • PENDING (The class of monster, based on its general battle tactics).


  • Brief information about the monster's date of release and anything else extremely important that permits consistent list sorting.



Defaults to yes or no as statistically relevant for the above parameters, can be adjusted as needed. Only set to "no" if the monster has the same appearance for every encounter, and/or is isolated to that tier through some convention such as "clan". "specific=yes" means the monster "yes, has a specific appearance per tier." So "=no" would mean the monster looks the same for every encounter, even if it has different attacks. Example usage: Certain bosses, gremlin clan units such as "Ironclaw Mender". When set to "no," there should only be a single image of the monster on display in the row.


See what links here for examples of this template in action.


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