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To display an infobox about an NPC. NPCs can include bosses as well as miscellaneous knights with very little information.


|name = 
|type = 
|role = 




The name of the NPC. Defaults to PAGENAME, but it's best to just put the name in to avoid disambig issues.

|type =

The "race" of the NPC (use lowercase for template standards and switch registration). Examples include: "stranger," "knight," "gremlin," and so on. The template will automatically capitalize this entry for visual purposes.

|role =

The "job" of the NPC (use lowercase for template standards and switch registration). This is often indicated by text under or preceding the NPC's name. Examples include: "lieutenant", "vendor" (do not use merchant), "informant," "boss," and so on. Link to terms as appropriate. Certain roles are exclusive to certain NPCs and do not require linking.



The file used to display the NPC. Inputs include "monster", "comlink," and "overworld." Defaults to the mugshot naming convention. This switch is only here to maintain file naming consistency. Remember to tag these file uploads with {{NPC image}}.

If the NPC is |type=knight, the appearance field will switch to a list:

|modifier = 
|helmet   = 
|armor    = 
|shield   = 
|weapon   = 

Otherwise, simply use:
|appearance =

and fill this in following the list format as appropriate.


The location of the NPC.


If the NPC is seen fighting anywhere, describe the tactics here.


If the NPC can take damage, describe the resistances and weaknesses here. Use a similar format to MonsterInfo.


Override the default "NAME is an NPC." to appropriate grammar or phrasing.


See what links here for examples of this template in action.

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