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This is a set of templates for adding a table format recipe to a page.

For the star variable:

  • If it's a normal recipe, the star= should just use normal numbers.
  • If it has no recipe for purchase, the star= should use 1no, 2no, 3no, 4no, 5no
  • If it's a recipe for Krogmo Coins, the star= should use 3kc, 4kc, 5kc
  • If it's a recipe for furniture items, the star= should use 1fr, 2fr, 3fr


{{recipe/row|Light Shard|5}}
{{recipe/row|Gel Drop|2}}
{{recipe/row|Gel Core|2}}
{{recipe/rarity|Simple Orb of Alchemy|3}}
{{recipe/row|Green Shard|20}}
{{recipe/row|Scrap Metal|5}}
{{recipe/row|Critter Carapace|4}}
{{recipe/row|Force Dynamo|3}}
{{recipe/row|Mod Calibrator|1}}
{{recipe/row|Silver Coil|1}}
{{recipe/row|Volcanic Iron|1}}
{{recipe/rarity|Eternal Orb of Alchemy|3}}
{{recipe/special|Bomb Focus Module|1+}}
{{recipe/row|Blue Shard|10}}
{{recipe/row|Beast Scale|3}}
{{recipe/row|Monster Bone|1}}
{{recipe/row|Volt Oil|1}}
{{recipe/rarity|Advanced Orb of Alchemy|3}}

If you're looking for sprite food recipes, those use a different set:

{{recipe/choice|Any 1-star material|2}}
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