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[edit] [purge] Template documentation

Use when informing users about official sets in a bulleted list format. It can also be used for things that are in general collections. If only it hadn't been named "setlinks"! Oh well, there's lots of derpy things like that around the wiki, but they are mostly unseen in published articles. (Example: "equipped" images are now actually tooltips...anyway!)

Can be used for any "type" of "set," be it costume, armor+helmet, armor+helmet+shield, or even bunches of things, though sets beyond these 3 types are far and few in-between, this template is simple and flexible for current and future possibilities.

Template-friendly - can be used by itself on a page or in templates like Infoboxes.

Back to how to use this template:



|item 1 = 
|item 2 = 





Doesn't have to be "1=". Just fill the space right after "SetLinks|" with whatever you feel is most helpful. Defaults to: "This item is in a set:"
item #
Use the full name of the item. (# is any number from 1 to 9, like so: "item 2", "item 3").
item # link
Title of the page you want to link directly to. Only use this if there's a disambiguation issue and you want to link directly to a specific item.
item # icon =
Disambiguation issues with icon names must be inserted into the item # parameter - you might have to flip flop things until they look and link correctly. If this doesn't work, try using this parameter and then the name of the item, this should get the icon you want - sometimes you want to use a representative icon for things that have multiple colors, like the Battle Chef Hat (vs the White Battle Chef Hat and other battle chef hats).


Some items don't have icons because the entity is using a naming convention on its page, with individual items having their own icons, like for "scale helm" vs. "Hunter Scale Helm" or "Surge Scale Helm" and so on. If this is the case, simply put

icons = no

right after the template entry, like so (this example also uses the disambiguation workaround):

|item 1 = Scale Helm
|item 1 link = Scale Helm (Costume)
|item 2 = Scale Mail
|item 2 link = Scale Mail (Costume)

Standard Example

{{SetLinks|Items in the [[Deluxe Starter Pack]] include:
|item 1 = Tri-Guard Helm
|item 2 = Tri-Guard Armor
|item 3 = Green Ward
|item 4 = Static Flash
|item 5 = Chilling Duelist
|item 6 = Red Saber


This template is a more flexible, expandable version of Template:Setlist.

This template gets around items that are named unconventionally while still allowing lazy/easy updating of pages. We've lots of weirdly named items show up since the game started!

If there is a linking issue that causes the template to link to a disambiguation page, then use the relevant "linking" optional parameter. Otherwise leave this parameter blank, its default is set to whatever you type in for item #.

It's doubtful that SK will ever have an set with 9 or more items (not counting the huge number of items in prize boxes >,..,>), but if it ever does, just add more rows to the template. Easypeasy!

Common Problems

Getting red text? This probably means the icons and/or pages don't exist (yet). But don't just go and make those pages! Unless the game has updated with more content recently, the problem is probably a typo. Capitalization is often the issue, if the item has not been misspelled.

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