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The Anonymous
GuildLogo-The Anonymous.jpg

"United We stand!"

Guild Founder: Anon-Sinox
Approx. Population: 200+ members
Guild Master(s):
  • Anon-Sinox [Founder]
  • Wesleyownage [Co-owner]
  • Eternalmorning [Guild Master]
  • Danixyea [Guild Master]
  • Chenshiro-Xz [Guild Master]
  • Little-Teeny-Troll [Guild Master]
Guild Officer(s):
  • Danio-Danio
  • Matiimadunk
  • Masterfaffnir
  • Blkhalo
Website: Discord & YouTube

Welcome to the official guild wiki page for The Anonymous.

[ Introduction ]

"United We Stand!"

The guild was created in 2011 to gather a team of powerful knights in order to overcome to most difficult assignments faced by the Spiral Order and over the years the guild has done just that.

Our core principle of teamwork is the driving force behind our success hence where others may seek personal glory, The Anonymous believes that no one knight can achieve a greater victory than that of their team.

The Anonymous has been around for a long time and now rests in the hands of Anon-Sinox.

While a sole powerful knight may carry the team to victory today, their goal is to help their fellow knights carry it to the next.

[ Guild Rules ]

  • 1. Be nice! Keep your jokes in GOOD taste. We don’t believe in demeaning others for a cheap laugh.
  • 2. Help other guild members in need; it’s OUR DUTY as guild members.
  • 3. Begging is not NOT tolerated whether inside the Guild or outside. This includes guild rank, crowns, rarities, and equipment.

[ Joining the Guild and Recruitment ]

  • If you are interested in joining The Anonymous, please contact one of our Officers or Guild Masters for evaluation.

Entry Requirements

  • We have little official requirements for recruitment. Knights of any rank are welcome as long as you are nice, pleasant and active.
  • We advise you to first familiarize yourself with our history, beliefs, and rules in order to successfully apply to the guild. We may ask you some questions about us before inviting you into the guild.

[ Guild Ranks and Promotions ]

Every member of the guild belongs to one of five ranks. The Founder of a guild begins at Guild Master rank. Every other newly joined member begins as a Recruit. You earn your way up one rank at a time. Within each rank there is a notion of seniority. For example, if Knight A became Officer before Knight B became Officer, then Knight A has seniority over Knight B.

[ Guild Facilities ]

When first joining the guild, your new guildmates will welcome you through the guild chat. You may chat with your guildmates or politely invite them to join you in a party to delve into Missions and Clockworks. In addition to the guild chat and member list, The Anonymous provides several resources and runs projects members may make use of:

Guild Hall

  • All members are welcome to enjoy and use our expansive Guild Hall, complete with function rooms such as the Alchemy Room, Auction Room, Coliseum Room, Bechamel's Makeover Studio, Punch & Vise’s Workshop, the Guild’s Private Training Hall, various Boss chambers, lounges and meeting rooms.
  • Photos of our Guild Hall below, at the bottom of our wiki page!

Guild storage

  • Members may make use of the various Guild Storages to acquire the resources they need.
  • The storage is for helping new knights, not to be abused. Please exercise judgement and give and take reasonable amounts of gear and materials.

Discord Server

  • Our Discord Server offers various voice and chat channels for Spiral Knights and other miscellaneous topics. Members may chat with fellow guildmates and ask for advice there. The #faq-and-basics channel will answer most questions one may have about Spiral Knights and The Anonymous.
  • The facilities detailed below are based on Discord. Please join the discord server if you are interested in participating in them! Our Discord Channel link may be found on the in-game Guild Message of the Day, accessed via the start of your chat log or the Guild Hall main console.

Basil Recipe Hunting

  • Members of the guild may use the marketplace channels to request for the hunting of particular recipes from Basil at depths 13 and 23 for either Basil price or for a small fee. Further details may be found on our Discord on the #want-to-buy channels.

Guild Recipe Sharing

  • Members of the guild may use the #guild-recipe-sharing channels to save on the cost of buying 1*, 2* and 3* recipes by using the recipes already learned by another guild member, as 1*, 2* and 3* gears do not necessarily have bound pre-requisite gears (and hence can be traded). Further details may be found on our Discord on the #guild-recipe-sharing channels.

[ Guild Events! ]

[ Guild Screenshots ]

The guild throughout the years

Recent photos

Old photos

Guild master photos

[ Guild History]

Legacy Guild Masters

The following are the legacy Founders and Guild Masters who have served The Anonymous over the years, from most senior to most recent.

  • Sibbsan
  • Mellansnorree
  • MyggaN
  • Doctormadra
  • StormLightHunter
  • Epic-Dude-Bob
  • MarioMonsterYoshi
  • KomoDodo
  • Ultimaximus
  • Poking-Stick
  • Amderter
  • Nina-Nono
  • Reblaze
  • Queen-Alessa
  • Binary-Bard
  • Tellus-Goldfire
  • Little-Teeny-Thing
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