The Carnelian Order (Guild)

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The Carnelian Order
GuildLogo-The Carnelian Order.png

Stay calm and clean up the mess.

Guild Founder: Feruse
Approx. Population: 5
Guild Master(s):
  • Feruse
Guild Officer(s):
  • Ellodin

The Carnelian Order was founded 06.24.11 with the surplus of crowns from a particularly nice trip hacking through Clockworks. Its goal is to create a small, tight knit fighting force specifically trained to take on bosses and arena battles. As such, it seeks only dedicated, long term members.


Knights of the Order swear to never lie, cheat, or harass their fellow Knights. They must assist each other as much as possible, whether in material collection, energy trading, or Order hunts. No drama or disloyalty will be tolerated. Any disputes among Knights will be dealt with in a civil and mature manner. The Order stands together in any and all decisions, those who wish to cause dissent or trouble will be ousted with limited warning.


Applying for the Order is a two step process. First, mail Feruse with the following information:

  • Your online schedule (when you play the most and when you're generally available online)
  • What you hope to contribute to the Order.
  • Why you believe you belong in the Order.
  • Your background in Spiral Knights (how long played, experiences, etc)
  • Out of game contact information (Steam Account, Skype, FB)
  • Anyone from the Order who may recommend you

If your application is accepted, Feruse will then schedule a private trip through Clockworks with you in order to discuss your application and see your combat skill. At the end, he will either invite you to the guild or refuse. Please note that because of how small the Order is to stay, only extremely serious candidates are considered.

IMPORTANT: Whether or not you are invited does not depend on your equipment, skill, or experience! We welcome players of all strength to join, as we will train and help those newer to the game. Your eligibility depends entirely on how committed you are and how well you get along with the Order, so get to know those in the Order and ask for recommendations!

The Carnelian Order


Website: (Order members only, all membership must be approved by Guildmasters)

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