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The Crystal Knights
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Eating Jelly King Sandwiches since June 2011

Guild Founder: Azkanan
Approx. Population: 2 (17/02/2012 (Population Reset due to Guild Renewal))

The Crystal Knights

About The Guild

The Crystal Knights is a pretty open Guild. We've accepted most people, and are quick to answer any questions without scoffing and laughing at them for it.

If you're new to Spiral Knights and want some help getting started, join us. Once you feel you've learned everything you can, feel free to move on, or stick around and climb the ranks - it's entirely up to you!

Our Rules

Speak Fluent English

We do not accept people who speak alike to the following;

  • "how r u lol"
  • "omg plz help i dunt no way 2 do"

Regrettably, we also do not accept people who do not speak Fluent English.

Be Mature

Now, we all love a good bit of silliness. We enjoy the oft abuse of the /derp, the /flex and the /fail commands.

However, by Immature, we mean that we do not accept 5 year olds who are screaming on Guild Chat about how some guy just told him to stop begging in the Auction House or how he has just been outbid, or are giving us updates on their every real-life aspect every 10 seconds.

We're pretty lax on this rule, so don't feel afraid to talk. It's namely just so we can point at the "Out" door to the kids who trick their way into the Guild with a well-written recruitment appeal.

No Beggers

Begging really is second in annoyance in this game, behind Server Lag. Don't do it. Not in Guild Chat, not outside the Auction House.

If you want to buy, sell or trade something, say that, rather than "can i have X cr/ce." "omg immergicny!! 21ce plzz!!".

Be Active

We don't expect you to play 12 hours a day, seven days of the week. However, at least show your face every day or two.

Due to a lack of my ability to stay awake and online for 24/7 though, this has become increasingly difficult to track. I'll make sure to ask other members and the inactive person in question about their inactivity, before taking action.

How To Join

Contact Azkanan in-game via Mail or Tell that you're interested, and tell him a little bit about yourself! Where you're from, how old you are, how often you play and a bit about your character and play style. :)

I'm not expecting a "To Whom It May Concern" formal letter, nor a high-fantasy tale of the adventures your character has fictionally been through. Just be yourself for best results.

Caste System

Guild Leader

The Guild Leader is the fellow who handles anything official related to the guild, such as Law & Order, Recruiting, Allies, so forth.

Guild Officer ★★★★★

Guild Officers are the fellows who help out with handling Official Business, when it becomes too much for the Guild Leader alone to handle!

Guild Officers are tier-5 Knights, with permission from the Guild Leader/existing Officers.

Veteran Member ★★★☆☆

Veteran Members will be a special group held so that only people of this Caste are able to access some Guild Features. Veterans are players with 3-tier weapons+armour and are provenly mature.

Nobody has become this, yet!

Guild Member ★★☆☆☆

Guild Members are the people who make up the bulk of the Crystal Knights! Guild Members must be given fair trial when he breaks the Rules and cannot be removed from the Guild on a Whim. He also has access to the Guild Lottery (see below).

Guild Recruit ★☆☆☆☆

Guild Recruits are people who have recently joined the Crystal Knights. They are still learning the game and will need our help, Knights! Help them if you can, please! :). Guild Recruits become Guild Members once they reach Tier 2 Equipment and are of acceptable personality.

Law & Order

There are two parts to Crystal Knight Law & Order, What happens when you break it, and how you're dealt with.

Breaking the Law

When you break the Laws, you are deemed with Criminal Points. When you earn enough of these points, you are delt with according to how many points you earn.

  • Speaking Like a Fool: 1 CP

Example: "lol u r fgt, haha. y u not hlp me?????"

  • Being Immature: 2 CP

Goes without saying...

  • Being Annoying: 2 CP

Goes without saying...

  • Spamming: 3 CP

This includes out of the Guild Chat, as well as the Guild Chat itself.

  • Hate Insulting: 3 CP

"Lol you're an idiot, xD" is fine. That's a joke. But, "You're a F*ng Tw*t and I hope you F*ng die, you.." You get the idea.

  • Begging: 4 CP

This includes out of the Guild, as well as in the Guild. Begging for stuff for free is highly frowned upon.

  • Sexual Harassment: 6 CP

Don't go chasing up the female members. They're girls. Get over it. As for you girls in the guild, likewise towards the men!

  • No response to an Inactivity Mail for 3 Days in a row: 3 CP

When I believe you've been inactive for a while I'll send you an Inactivity Mail. CP removable upon explanation.

  • No response to an Inactivity Mail for 5 Days in a row: 5 CP

When I believe you've been inactive for a while I'll send you an Inactivity Mail. CP removable upon explanation.

  • No response to an Inactivity Mail for 7 Days in a row: 12 CP

When I believe you've been inactive for a while I'll send you an Inactivity Mail. CP removable upon explanation.


Punishments are like checkpoints. If you havn't received one before, you will receive it, even if your Criminal Points goes beyond the punishment. Punishments except the previous once. (ie, you'll be demoted without a verbal warning first,)

  • Awarded CP: Told to cut it out
  • 3 CP: Verbal Warning of possible repercussions
  • 5 CP: Demotion
  • 9 CP: Vote for Exile, of current Online Members
  • 12 CP: Automatic Exile


Weekly Lottery

Because this isn't blatantly stolen from Lancer_Knightz_(Guild); Weekly Lottery.

The Weekly Lottery will be held, well, weekly, on a Saturday evening, 6pm GMT+0. (Unsure about what your time is, according to GMT+0? Go here:

What can I win?

The lottery pot will be 200 Crowns for every online member, including myself (this may change, but stays in effect whilst the Guild is still small).

Guild Members can add to the Lottery Pot, this means that if Guildie A, Guildie B and Guildie C put 50 Crowns each into the pot, then it would be (200*4) + (50*3) = 950 Crowns. Then, whoever wins the pot will win all of it!

How we Draw

Every member picks a number between 1 and 100, and nobody can choose the same number. Then a 1d100 dice is Roll (One dice, 100 faces). Who's number is closest to the dice roll, wins!

Weekly Tombola

On the same day as the above, we will hold an optional Tombola. This works in the same way, but instead of only playing for Crowns, we play for Items, Crowns and Crystal Energy.

What can I win?

As with the Lottery, anybody can add an item to the Tombola Pot. Then, each non-bound item in my inventory is given a number in no particular order.

How we Draw

Tombola Players then choose any one of these numbers (not knowing what the item is), and wins that item. Some times you'll win a Gel Drop, some times you'll win a Fiorce Dynamo, some times you'll win a Weapon, or armour - some times, you might win a mystery gift, which could be Crystal Energy or Crowns.

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