The Dominion (Guild)

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The Dominion
GuildLogo-The Dominion.png


Guild Founder: Nailbirds
Approx. Population: 50-75
Guild Master(s):
  • Nailbirds
  • Goddessdiana
Guild Officer(s):

About The Dominion

We're a guild about promoting Community Values, and be there for People when they need it!


  • Member: Depends on the Circumstance(Stay awhile, Be nice :P)
  • Veteran: Be Kind, Responsible, and Show your worth(Per say)
  • Officer: Prove your a good Leader, show your worth, make Veteran
  • Gm: Based on Guild Contribution, make Officer


  • NO Begging
  • Be Kind, and Respectful
  • Don't do anything your not supposed to without Permission!
  • Don't demand a rank, earn it
  • Don't kill us in our sleep :P
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