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The Wolver Clan (Ѱ Ѱ Ѱ)
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Wolvers R Us, Wolvers R'nt Us! WOLVA!

Guild Founder: Titus-Griffin
Approx. Population: approx. 80
Guild Master(s):
  • Guild Master: Iamtheghost
  • Guild Master 2: Snowcracker
Guild Officer(s):
  • BrokenIronFork
  • Treesquid
  • Shorty-Mcgee
  • Sylvester-Silver
  • Soulweaverer

About Us!

We are a guild about Promoting everyone as a Community, We we're founded by Titus-Griffin, he ran us until 2013 when he passed it to Master-Shadows when he was on vacation so it defaulted, then on 5/27/13 he came back, and Master-Shadows plus Iamtheghost un-defaulted the guild, and in 1 day, got 30+ members, a good Officer Crew, and setup the guilds wiki, and forum!!!!!!


  • 1. Respect everyone, and Don't put each other down!
  • 2. Help everyone you can, and Do your best for the Community
  • 3. Be at the Meetings if Avaliable
  • 4. Respect orders from a Higher rank
  • 5. Don't edit the hall without a Gm
  • 6. No begging. It gets you no where.
  • 7. Be kind and respectful to your fellow Knights.
  • 8. No foul language. There may be sensors, but you still shouldn't do it.

Guild Donations

  • Recruit: No donations required, though they are appreciated.
  • Member: 500 crowns per week
  • Veteran: 1000 crowns per week
  • Officer: 2000 crowns per week

Promotion Requirements

  • Recruit: For those who are new to the guild
  • Member: Must be active for more than a week and have 2* equipment.
  • Veteran: Trust of the Gms and officers, and at least 4* equipment.*
  • Officer: Trust of the Gms.
  • Gm: VERY VERY hard to get, the rank of Legendary member
  • If you already have a rank, but don't meet the requirements DON'T WORRY, you shall keep your current rank

Note: It is possible to be promoted without these requirements if the GMs or Officers feel you are ready.

Made by Master-Shadows for The Wolver Clan, maintained by Snowcracker.

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