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Together We Stand

Guild Founder: Heron
Approx. Population: 80

Unity Links

About Unity

Tier 3.5 Guild founded on September 10th 2011 by Heron, Cootiecakes and Pooet from a combination of former Corps Meltdown and Active members. Since its creation Unity has grown to include many new faces while still maintaining its top standards.

"I am the first Guild Master of Active a guild that long ago was once a force in the Spiral knights world. I created the guild with the idea to become the most powerful and memorable guild in the game. I wanted a guild that was full of skillful people. People who you could run with and enjoy playing with. Back then there was no Lockdown. The only thing for endgame players was Vanaduke. That was core that our guild was built around. We recruited some of the most well known knights throughout our time. We became a force in the Spiral knights world. Our last great moment was when Blast network came out we were number 1 on leader boards for weeks. This was before lockdown and when blast network was the only PVP base game play. After that like all great guilds we fell apart. From our ashes a new guild was formed its name was UNITY. Unity kept much of the ideals of the first. Unity as well became a force in this game. Over time we had our share of disappointments and achievements. Faces came and went. We have yet to fall and we remain strong and determined in keeping Unity around as one of the Elite guilds in this game. Come and join our ranks and keep our history going." (Written By Hollafamer)

● - Raidcall Group (Voice Chat) Our group ID - 6094971( type this number on Raidcall's search functions to find our group! )

What's Raidcall? Well I'm glad you asked! Raidcall is a voice chat program like Ventrillo & Teamspeak. We use it to socialize, play guild Lockdown and while playing other games. Raidcall also has a chat messenger to communicate, in short words it's basically Skype for Gamers.

Raidcall has great perks to it and we love it, it's brought our guild closer as friends. Did I also mention that it's FREE TO DOWNLOAD AND USE :]

Want to download Raidcall? -> http://www2.raidcall.com/v7/index.html

● - Unity is currently under the VLR- Violent Lockdown Resolution

   Created by Echo of Silence to promote a more fair, fun and friendlier Guild vs Guild matches for everyone. More info on VLR http://forums.spiralknights.com/en/node/76820 


''UNITY Is a friendly guild exclusively looking for active and mature players, but since the focus of Unity is on Firestorm Citadel and Shadow Lairs, we also play Guild Lockdown (GvG) and are currently working on a Blast Network Team, each applicant must also meet the following requirements:

CURRENTLY (1/24/2014) WE HAVE NO RIGID TEST - Just be 5* and have the ability to contribute/carry your weight during runs and be an overall good person. Don't hesitate to contact an officer or GM.

★- Have to be 5-Star

   The Knight must be fully equipped, meaning 2-Trinkets and 2-Weapon slots. ( some people break this rule maybe you can to :P ) 

★- Be able to solo FSC

   Fire Storm Citadel in a party of 4 with 2-Members and 1-Officer from Unity, the 4th person is you of-course :] 

● - The applicant has to be able to solo all the Trojans within the FSC test run without spawn killing the Trojans, meaning you can't go behind them where they spawn and shove a blitz in em. ( you can however spawn kill the Almirian Crusaders on Phase-5 when VS Lord Vanaduke. )

● - Depth 24

   Clear all the wheels and solo all the Trojans.

● - Depth 25

   Clear the twin Trojan room, rocket puppy room, and the totem room without exiting the rooms until everything is dead. (for the pup-room you are allowed to exit and re-enter.) 

● - Depth 26

   Right-side path will be chosen we'll kill all the pups and press all the buttons, after that the applicant must solo the room and the last battle room of the depth. 

● - Depth 27

   In the last battle room of this depth you have to solo 3-Trojans simultaneous.

● - VS Lord Vanaduke

   Complete the 4th and 5th phase of Lord Vanaduke riding solo, we'll help during phases 1st, 2nd and 3rd. 

● - Everything must be done WITHOUT using Shivermist Buster. ( Freeze bomb )

● - The Officer and members who join the applicant in the FSC test run are not allowed to share vials, the applicant has a maximum of 2-revives even so if the applicant has to revive more then twice based on his/her performance they can still join as a Recruit. Re-take the exam within one week and if successful can be promoted to Member.

★ - Our Goals - ★

Our goal as a guild is to grow as players but most importantly as friends, to enjoy the game to it's fullest potential. Run danger missions with fun and ease while VS the best Guilds in Lockdown Spiral Knights have to offer but most importantly to have fun while doing it all. Have a positive attitude, we're a guild seeking to grow and become better players. All our members are real nice people that enjoy the game, so that being said we don't got any room for negativity.

How to Contact Unity

Unity's Application Form

1). What's Your Ign ( In-game name )?

2). Are you a Europe (EU) or United States (US) player?

3). What are your favorite weapons to use In-game? Examples Swords, Bombs or Guns.

4). What guilds have you previously joined?

5). What kind of player are you? Do you excel more in PvE (Player VS Enemy) or are you just as good in PvP (Player VS Player) or are you simply one sided?

6). What's your favorite video game of all time?

7). We currently are using Raidcall as a voice-chat program, do you have a mic so you join in on all the fun? ( For those of you that are Mac users raidcall does work on mac's but you have to work around it. )

8). Tell us 3 Fun-facts about yourself? ( Optional. )

9). Why do you want to join Unity?

Ranking System


At the moment, recruits are people who got invited but still have to re-take the test run, Those people got invited show potential skill/attitude for UNITY and will re-take the test run.


At the moment, the promotion to member is given immediately on join or as soon as a recruit passes the test run.
Maximum Number of Members: No Limitation


A Member is promoted to Veteran by any Unity Officer if he or she:

  • Remains Active / Received No Negative Feedback from the other Members of Unity
  • Demonstrates Exceptional Skill or Attitude or Seniority (6 Months+)
  • Has at least 2 Months of Seniority

Maximum Number of Veterans: No Limitation


A Veteran is promoted to Officer by an election including every Guild Masters or every Guild Masters and Officers if he or she:

  • Remains Active / Received No Negative Feedback from the other Members of Unity
  • Has Participated in Unity Test Runs before and is Familiar with Unity's Minimum Requirements
  • Has a Calm and Composed Attitude (especially when solving conflicts)

Maximum Number of Officers: 8

Guild Master

An Officer is promoted to Guild Master if he or she:

  • Demonstrates Legendary Idling Skills
  • Is Prodigiously Decorative in front of the Auction House
  • Has an Outrageous Whining History on OOO's "Always Moar Hats / No Core For You!" Updates

Maximum Number of Guild Masters: 6

Unity's Core Members

Gm icon.png

Off icon.png

Vet icon.png

Guild Events

We've had many different encounters, specific runs and events. More info shall be added!

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