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NOTICE: Inactivity

I am currently a retired player and do not actively post on the forums, edit the wiki, or log in to Spiral Knights itself. I do however check the forums, as well as my wiki page, every-so-often (semi-weekly).

As for my CloudUP designs, feel free to use them in your own designs as well as modify them yourself. I am no longer responsible for their upkeep, as I am no longer an active member of the community.

I hope everyone is doing well and I wish the best in spelunking to all the old friends who still play. :)


Hello, and welcome to my purged userpage. :) I'm currently in the process of developing a large collection of templates to be used specifically for userpages, and so this page itself might not be very stable for the next while.

My Knight

The Azure Phoenix
Nickname: Aeca
Guild: Aether

Other Stuff


Achievement - First StepsAchievement - Welcome, StrangerAchievement - Mission AccomplishedAchievement - World of Moorcraft
Achievement - Spiral SpelunkerAchievement - An Emberlight in the DarkAchievement - Go DeepAchievement - Hardcore
Achievement - Royal PainAchievement - Free SpiritAchievement - O Frabjous Day!Achievement - Terrible Twin Turrets
Achievement - One-Star SmithAchievement - Two-Star SmithAchievement - Three-Star SmithAchievement - Four-Star Smith
Achievement - Five-Star SmithAchievement - Apprentice AlchemistAchievement - Adept AlchemistAchievement - Accomplished Alchemist
Achievement - Ascendant AlchemistAchievement - SwordsmanAchievement - Expert SwordsmanAchievement - Master Swordsman
Achievement - GunslingerAchievement - Expert GunslingerAchievement - Master GunslingerAchievement - Bombardier
Achievement - Expert BombardierAchievement - Master BombardierAchievement - HatterAchievement - Expert Hatter
Achievement - Mad HatterAchievement - ArmorerAchievement - Expert ArmorerAchievement - Master Armorer
Achievement - ShieldbearerAchievement - Expert ShieldbearerAchievement - Master ShieldbearerAchievement - Stellar Set
Achievement - Applied EntropyAchievement - Minor MinerAchievement - Moderate MinerAchievement - Major Miner
Locked AchievementLocked AchievementAchievement - Fully LoadedAchievement - Jump Start
Achievement - Helping HandAchievement - Walk It OffAchievement - Pharma SuitableAchievement - Conditioned Response
Achievement - Energize!Achievement - Bronze SurvivorAchievement - Silver SurvivorAchievement - Gold Survivor
Achievement - Cradle and AllAchievement - Dauntless DelverAchievement - Star Spangled BomberAchievement - Son of a Nutcracker!

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