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Guild: Kage no Senshi

About Me

Spiral Knights for me is a simple past-time, I am not a gamer by any means. However I am an avid anime fan and a mangaka to a certain extent. I'm a 21 year old male from Trinidad and Tobago. I currently work and study. I started playing SK upon its official release after the beta version. From then till now I've remained a Proud F2P player with success beyond some non-F2P players dreams. After becoming versed and confident in my own skill, I created a guild, its name being a clear indicator that I am a true fan of all anime. Kage no Senshi was born. I've attained more than 2000 (2K) Play hours on this game thus far and I see no end in the near future (Until OOO messes up).


Upon playing this game for the first time, I got dizzy honestly, thought the game was a load of....dung. Anyway, I was bored so I popped a painkiller and went on. Got a free Wolver cap from my friend who told me to start playing the game, another friend gifted me a Nightblade and that was the start of Manpie's Life. By the time I was ready to leave my ash tail behind i had already completed all the achievements the game had set back then, some of the newer ones weren't added yet. Hardest Achievement to get? Master Miner was by far the most annoying to get, took me weeks of collecting crystals until i got that, it was my last achievement from the initial achievement set OOO set out.

Manpie is currently F2P and I don't plan to ever change that. He is possibly the richest F2P Knight in the game's history holding more than (edit) enough (edit) ce worth of gear at any one time while holding even more than that in actual CE, Hoes never go broke, our product is to die for!

I've bought and sold every item this game has to offer, sales and retail knowledge are extensive, knowledge of the game is also extensive as I've read every page of this wiki (regretfully).

Playing skill, well I was one of the first people to solo UFSC and Darkfire vanaduke without deaths, and one of the first to make it to the end of the Darkfire Gate.

Skill is more important than gear, but without proper gear your talents are not realized, after you understand this you can see true results in your playing talent, your skill can only be brought out with quality gear that suits your playstyle, Variants aside, a bomber won't be able to show true still with a brandish lined sword. If you get my drift.


Alota max UVs? and VH weapons... that should be enough to make a point. I don't care enough about this page to type out everything i have, no offence wiki editors :D (

Kage no Senshi|||2}}

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